Sand Free Beach Mats From Just $55 @ Amazon

20 April 2017
Sand Free Beach Mats From $55 @ Amazon

Anyone else love the beach but not love sand getting everywhere at the beach? Having to put on lotion, grab a bite or do anything really with sand everywhere is such a hassle.

It can be so bad, especially when you're getting ready to leave and have to get the sand off your towels. This genius invention changes that, let sand fall through the mat when you're leaving with this genius invention.

Sand free beach mats were designed by the military, but the best use for them is for spending time laying on the beach with family.

The secret to these sand free beach mats is how they're made. They are designed with separate layers the top layer lets sand fall through and the bottom layer prevents sand from coming up underneath.

So any sand that happens to build up while the family is at the beach, will disappear and go under the mat so your not left with a sandy blanket to eat on.

Such a cool idea that will be a nice hub while were at the beach. The sizes and prices vary but they're on sale now.

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