51 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

51 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

We heard someone has a big day coming up... You know what day we're talking about; the day that we spend so much time and money on to make special for our kids (heck every day restaurants offer specials where kids eat free) yet don't want to celebrate for ourselves... you know... A BIRTHDAY!

If there's one day a year where you should be celebrated, it's your birthday and the last thing anyone should do on their birthday is pay for stuff, don't ya think? Well, if you're a deal hunting momma who loves finding freebies you shouldn't...

There are so many stores and restaurants that offer some kind of birthday reward or freebie, but who wants to spend their birthday hunting through emails or flyers to get that free dessert? Not us. So we compiled a list of places that'll give you free stuff on your birthday so when the day comes, you can reap those birthday rewards!

Check out this list of 51 places where you won't have to pay for stuff on your birthday, because... it's your birthday after all.

Most of these offers require you to register a week before your birthday to score the freebie, so register now, then bookmark (or pin) this list!

1. AMF Bowling – Bowling? Why not, it is your birthday after all. Score some free bowling just by signing up here for AMF's insiders club.

2. Applebees Okay, okay it's not your first choice. But they do have some delicious desserts you'll be able to score on your birthday just by signing up for their email club. We'll take it!

3. Arby's – Ahhh, my husbands favorite fast food. I do love their roast beef sandwiches. Score a free milkshake on your birthday when you register at Arbys.com.

4. Au Bon Pain – Au Bon Pain is one of my favorite places to get soups at. On your birthday you'll be able to score a free birthday lunch just by joining their eClub. Yay!

6. Auntie Anne's – To me Auntie Anne's is like the Cinabon of every mall in America. Not my cup of tea but the kids love it. Sign up for Pretzel Perks and you'll get a FREE pretzel on your birthday.

7. Aveda – Gimme the good stuff! On your birthday you'll be able to score a bday gift valued at $20!! All by just signing up for Aveda's Rewards program. That's the biggest gift I'll get!

8. Barnes and Noble (For Kids) – Okay Okay it's not for me. But at least the kids will get to enjoy this freebie. Sign up for the B&N Kids' Club and your kiddo will score a free cupcake on their birthday!

9. Baskin Robbins – I luhhhh me (that's 'love me' for those getting up there on their big day) some Baskin Robbins! Join their Birthday Club and you'll get a free ice cream on your big day!

10. Benihana's – My family LOVES Benihana's. Infact it's one of our go-to celebration/birthday spots. Did you know if you register at Chef's Table you'll be able to score a free $30 credit! Too awesome!

11. Ben & Jerry's On you're birthday you'll be able to become a Chunk Spelunker and score a free scoop + $3 off your ice cream cake! Yum!

12. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse score a delicious mini pizookie on your big day! I love this restaurant!

13. Bonefish Grill – One of mommas favorite spots! If you join and become Insider you'll get a bunch of special freebies on your bday!

14. Bruegger's Score a FREE bagel with cream cheese when you purchase a drink on your birthday. Not a bad way to start off the big day!

15. Buffalo Wild Wings – Ah. My husband must have been in my ear for this one. Any football game/birthday/restaurant he doesn't want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings becomes his go-to idea. Luckily he'll be able to get a free bday dessert when you join theBuffalo Circle.

16. Carrabba's Italian Grill – The bread at Carrabba's is to die for! Join the Amici Club and you'll be able to score a free appetizer (I'm sure they'll throw in some extra bread too) as well as a free entree on your big day!

17. Chick-fil-a – One of our favs! Although the birthday freebies differ from time to time. Become an Email Insider and you can score a birthday offer that'll surely be great!

18. Chili's – Chili's is my go to spot for buffalo wings! On your birthday you'll be able to get free chips and guac just by signing up to their email club.

19. Chuck E. Cheese – Ah. The place I've spent entirely too much birthday time at with the kids. Join the Chuck E. Cheese Club and score free tokens for the kiddos while celebrating their birthday.

20. Cinnabon – SPEAKING OF CINNABON. If you're traveling during your birthday make sure to sign up for the Club Cinnabon to get a special freebie on your birthday.

21. Cold Stone – I keep it simple on my birthday. Spend the day with the kids. Date with the hubby. And close the night out with some Cold Stone. Luckily my hubby can use this BOGO coupon by joining the My Cold Stone Club to save some money on my lucky day. What a guy.

22. Columbia SportswearScore up to 20% your entire order on your birthday. Why not shop til you drop on your big day? Sign up here.

23. Cracker Barrel – Breakfast at Cracker Barrel seems like a great way to start off my birthday. Lucky for me they give away free desserts on bdays! Now, who's gonna be the one to ask if we can score that freebie after breakfast?

24. CVSScore $3.00 in ExtraBucks on your birthday by joining the Birthday Club!

25. Dairy Queen – The kids freaking love them some DQ! Now that I know they can get a free blizzard just by signing up for the Blizzard Fan Club I'll definitely steer them towards DQ for their birthday!

26. Dave & Busters – Once they aged out of Chuck E. Cheese, Dave & Busters became my boys go-to birthday spot. Did you know if you sign up for Dave & Buster's Rewards you'll be able to score the little ones $10 in free game play? Not a bad savings for birthdays if you ask me!

27. Denny's – Most know about Denny's freebies. Just a reminder you'll score a free Grand Slam at Denny's on your big day. We must warn you however... "They ID".

28. Disney – Score a free Disney Movie on your birthday. To do so you'll get 100 free points just by signing up for Disney Movie Rewards.

29. Dunkin' Donuts – FREE COFFEE!? Yup, free coffee. Get a free bday beverage when you sign up for the DD Perks Rewards Program.

30. Friendly's – Free Sundae alert! When you sign up and become a Best Friends of Friendly's you'll score a FREE Sundae on your birthday. Friendly's is always a go-to birthday spot for our clan!

31. Hallmark – Buying a card for yourself? You're not the only one! Get a FREE card instead AND 20% off one item when you sign up for Hallmark Crown Rewards.

32. Hooters – Join the Club My husband swears he goes with his buddies for the 'wings'... yeah yeah. Well when he Join's the Hooters club he'll be able to score free wings on his birthdays, but they'll be to-go.

33. IHOP – Stack up on your birthday and get a FREE stack of pancakes just by Signing Up for the Pancake Revolution.

34. Kmart – Sign up your kiddo up for the Kmart Birthday Club and score a gift pack on your birthday AND $5 in Bday bucks!

35. Krispy Kreme – Free donut on your birthday just by signing up for the Krispy Kreme e-Club? We'll take it. Now, if you'll only be able to have one is the real question.

36. Land's EndShop. Shop. Shop. Why not shop on your birthday when your able to get discount like this? Score 20% off your entire purchase in-store and online when you sign up here.

37. Longhorn Steakhouse – Having a nice steak on your birthday is always a safe bet. How about signing up for a My Longhorn Account so you can get a free birthday dessert after?

38. Old Navy Heading over to Old Navy on your birthday? If not you may want to you can get 10% off everything in-store by signing up for Old Navy Emails.

39. Olive Garden – I love Olive Garden. Score a free appetizer or a free dessert on your special day by signing up for the Olive Garden eClub.

40. Panera Bread – I love taking the kids to Panera. The mac and cheese is always a fan favorite, plus I love the apple/yogurt option with their meals. Join the Panera MyPanera and get a free pastry on your birthday.

41. RedBox – How about a movie night on your birthday? I mean it is your day you can do what you want! Score the Redbox Play Pass and you'll get a FREE rental on them. Thanks Redbox!

42. Sbarro – Going to the mall for your birthday and need to feed the kids? Get free pizza from Sbarro to hold them over while you do more shopping for yourself. Just sign up for the Sbarro e-Club.

43. Sephora – We love everything at Sephora. Did you know if you register on their website you'll get a free gift on your big day?

44. Smashburger Smashburger has quickly become my go-to burger joint. On your birthday become a Smashclub member and you'll score a free milkshake on your birthday!

45. Sonic – I'm not sure what I love more. The guys in the Sonic commercials who crack me up or that I can score a free treat on my birthday just by creating an account with them. Either way Sonic is always a nice way to cap off the night!

46. Starbucks – Finally it's ARRIVED! Our go-to spot for all freebies. Enjoy a free birthday drink just by signing up for Starbucks Rewards! The perfect way to start off any great birthday!

47. The Children's PlaceYou and your little one will both get surprise gifts on your birthdays. You may sign up to five children per household. Go here.

48. Toys R Us – One of our favs! Sign your kiddo up for Rewards R Us and your child will score a free card AND gift every year until his/her 10th birthday. That a nice birthday freebie by Toys R Us!

49. ULTA – Makeup? Yes please. Score a free mascara on your birthday when you signup for the ULTA Loyalty Rewards Program..

50. Victoria's Secret – Another one of our birthday freebie favs! Sign up for the Angel Card and you'll be able to score a birthday freebie valued at $10!

51. Wendy'sWe don't usually share fast food but when we do, it's for birthday freebies. Score $1 off any premium combo on your big day! Sign up here for this offer.


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