Free Personalized Birthday Phone Call from PAW Patrol, Dora and More!

Free Birthday Phone Call From PAW Patrol

Do you have a little one that would be through the roof if they got a Personalized Birthday Phone Call from PAW Patrol?! How about Dora The Explorer?!

Right now, you'll be able to get a personalized phone call from your child's favorite Nick Jr. character, just by heading over here and signing up for one.

And the best part? It's all totally FREE and super easy to do! Just head over to the Nick Jr. Birthday Club website and sign up.

During the registration process they'll ask for birthdays and characters for each of your kiddos.

Plus, with your signup you'll also score party planning tips and ideas, free birthday printables and a bunch of bonus access to Nick Jr. Fan Club exclusives that are worth checking out!

Check out the links below for more resources on party planning...

When the big day arrives you'll receive an email with your scheduled phone call inside. Once you check your email and activate the call, Nick Jr. will take care of the rest, you just sit back and relax.

Don't believe us on how awesome it is? Hear it from a few parent's who've gotten some calls instead...

"Thank you all so much for the love and support my kids really did enjoy it!"
"I LOVE the free printables that you offer on your site they are awesome and soo helpful!! My daughter LOVES Paw Patrol right now and her birthday is coming up so it helps me out sooo much that you have those available. My daughter loves Ryder and the pups and I love the birthday club awesomeness!"
"I absolutely love the idea that a child can get birthday call!"


  • Katelyn G.

    Look at this how cool!

  • Scott A.

    Its not my birthday until March

  • Charlotte D.

    Kian thinks it's his birthday everyday at the moment!

  • Lorraine O.

    It says only works for phone numbers in USA :disappointed_relieved:, was really excited until I saw that

  • Ayres D.

    for Kaiyahns birthday lol

    • Kahmeqa T.

      tried to do it but its not workin atm sowill try again later :)

  • Sarah M.

    We did this for her birthday this year she loved it!

  • Chris H.

    Oisin would love this.

  • Lisa E.

    I signed up for it, for Triton's B-Day. Lol. Thanks

  • Melissa L.

    It's only for the USA :cry:

  • Kim C.

    Spewing, my son would love this but it only for the U.S :(

  • Gena L.

    Get outttt! If its a robot that says the name my children are screwed lol. Try Siri or a robot saying Tiare & Teuila lol

  • Georgia S.

    Yeah true, but also I just read the comments.. Apparently it's only for the USA :weary:

  • Gena L.

    Wait fk thatw the same one lol

  • Georgia S.

    Oh sweet that's pretty cool :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Georgia S.


  • Krista E.

    Won't allow me to enter my child's birth date. It keeps saying child must be younger than 13. My child was born in 2014

    • Suzie B.

      I got the same , won't let me enter my child's dob

  • Sharna M.

    Will have to do this for brylees birthday :blush:

  • Jessica D.

    Oh lord she would die haha. Definitely checking this out, thanks!

  • Jo M.

    Must do tonight!

  • Leanne K.

    you have a birthday soon :grinning:

    • Megan W.

      Oh thank you

  • Shontelle H.

    Deffentily she will love it

  • Caitlin C.

    If i cant afford a mascot. Definitely

  • Rose A.

    go here & sign up so Pablito can get a phone call! Lol

    • Jenny S.

      I am hes not here rite now hes with his ninos!

  • Christine P.


  • Melissa P.

    La fête à Noah s en vient :blush:

  • Naomi K.

    Only for USA.. :( :rage:

  • Natalie J.

    Bummer, wish it was worldwide.

  • Lynne M.

    Need to put month first them date 11/29/2012

  • Stephanie C.

    It's only for the US right now.

  • Gemma H.

    going to try this for Liam

    • Kristina A.

      Aww he will love this xx

    • Gemma H.

      It's only us :pensive:

    • Kristina A.

      Oh no ! :worried:

    • Gemma H.

      Just my luck

  • Kristina R.

    Just lie and say its next week

  • Yvonne H.

    Emma els

  • Denise L.

    Wow Lily would love it

  • Jess C.

    There's a paw patrol concert on down here the day before her bday next year so we're taking her there :joy:

  • Jasmin T.

    Awww cool man!

  • Jackie K.

    made me think of Erika's upcoming bday:).

  • Lyn H.


  • Michelle B.

    , I know it will still be a while before its Ronins birthday but I just signed Codilyn up for a call from paw patrol and it seems like something he would like :)

    • Marissa A.

      That is such a good idea ! He'd love it , I'll have to do that :)

  • Donna S.

    I'll organise this for tomorrow :joy:

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