How To Sign Up For LEGO Life Magazine Subscription 2018 (Quick Guide)

How To Sign Up For LEGO Life Magazine Subscription 2018 (Quick Guide)

Have you heard about the free LEGO Life Magazine?

It's a free LEGO magazine subscription for kids that keeps them in the know with all new things LEGO.

Oh... and did we mention it's FREE?

We love free stuff, and with how easy it is to sign up we suggest you do so too!

LEGO Life Magazine gets sent out five times a year and it's 100% free for LEGO fans to sign up and it's super easy to sign up, only takes a second.

If your little one is between 5 and 9 you can sign them up for free right on the LEGO website, the site requires a parent or guardian to fill out the consent form and that's it.

Once you've done that you're good to go with your LEGO Mag subscription!

In this quick guide, we'll be covering what the LEGO Life Magazine is, how to sign up and what you can expect from your new LEGO magazine subscription.

How to Sign Up for LEGO Life Magazine

Here's how it works...

First go to LEGO Life Magazine Sign Up Page and enter all the details for your little one.

Then, you'll enter all of your info to get started.

Once you've done that you'll need to confirm your email and you're good to go with the LEGO Life side of things. You'll also want to fill out the LEGO Consent Form which gives consent for LEGO to use your child's entry in their magazine.

It's not required but if you want them to have a chance to be featured it could be worth it.

That's it, now your signed up for the free LEGO Life Magazine!

What Ages Is LEGO Magazine For?

The Free LEGO Life Magazine is suited for children between the ages of 5-10 and keep in mind to order the free magazine you must live within the United States or Canada.

What's Inside LEGO Life Magazine?

The free LEGO Life Magazine is sent out 5 times per year and includes news, challenges, puzzles and even sneak peeks at new LEGO sets and themes before they become available.

To me it's just a fun way for the kids to connect with the LEGO brand (which my kids can't get enough of) so expect fun activities, comics, building tips and more.

When Will The First Magazine Arrive?

Once you've signed up for your free LEGO Life magazine subscription, expect your first magazine to arrive within 14 weeks of signing up for your subscription.

The good news? You can actually download this month's LEGO Magazine right here.

What Is The LEGO Life App?

The LEGO Life App can be downloaded straight from LEGO.

Pretty much, the LEGO Life App is the same concept, free activities, cool LEGO building ideas and a ton others that's dedicated for children outside the age range for the free mag.

Your turn: Have you signed up for the LEGO Life Magazine? Bookmark this page and come back to let us know what you think of it when it arrives!

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