Teacher Discounts: 80+ Stores That Offer Teacher Discounts

80+ Stores That Offer Teacher Discounts

When it's back to school time, every mom is a fuss over finding the best deals. School student supplies get much more attention and ad space in your weekly circulars.

But for the all the teachers out there, fret not! Teacher discounts are always on our radar.

There are plenty of businesses out there who have not forgotten about you and all that you need to get for your new school year each year so we've made a roundup of all stores with a teacher discount.

So whether you're looking for teacher discounts on restaurants & food or things like teacher hotel discounts, we've rounded up all of the great discounts for teachers available to our hardworking (and underpaid) teaching staff across the country to make things easy (and cheaper).

Where Do Teachers Get Discounts?

Teachers spend endless hours not just teaching our children during their school day but developing fun ways of teaching them and often times, at their own expense!

And while some percentages of their expenses may be reimbursed, it also helps to find a great retailer who offers teacher discounts too!

Along with the basic classroom supplies and essentials like books, there are also a number of discounts you can get on things like Photoshop and software programs, laptops and computer accessories, even museums and insurance benefits!

And when you have to dress the part, you'll be happy to find there are lots of clothing stores with teacher discounts too!

There are plenty of restaurants that offer teacher discounts and even teacher discounts on gym memberships so you can burn off those cals after enjoying a nice discounted meal.

Eligibility requirements vary by retailer and location but for the most part, these discounts are available whether you're teaching kindergartners or are a professor of college students.

Some teacher discounts are also limited to a specific area (such as museums or amusement parks only located in certain states).

For example, if you're wondering do teachers get discounts at Disney and Universal? We've got all the answers for you.

And on top of the teacher discounts, you can also score even bigger savings if you're shopping during seasonal promotions that are so common with back to school.

So in May during Teacher Appreciation Week and toward the end of Summer when all of the back to school sales start popping up, you can get even bigger savings by stacking sale prices, promo codes and your teacher discount!

So we've scoured the web and compiled this listing of over eighty of the best discounts for teachers.

Teacher Discounts

Shopping for school supplies or items for your arts and crafts projects with your students? Well here's a handy list of retailers nationwide that offer discounts for teachers.

Did we miss any? If you know of any other retailers that offer teacher and educator discounts, be sure to let us know in the comments! Because together, we save!

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