Zenni Optical Review: 7 Things To Know Before You Try Zenni

Zenni Optical Review: 7 Things To Know Before You Try Zenni

I think you'll agree with me when I say...

Paying hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses stinks.

And after breaking a pair and then losing a pair, I was determined to find a company that offered stylish glasses that wouldn’t break the bank.

That’s when I found Zenni Optical.

Zenni is one of the top sites for buying prescription glasses online AND their mission is to provide stylish glasses that are affordable for anyone.

I was skeptical at first- how can they offer prescription glasses, lenses included for as low as $6.95?! But I figured it was a small risk and decided to give them a shot. Let’s just say, I’m hooked.

Since trying Zenni, I can’t help but share my experience with friends and family and everyone that has ordered with them has been really pleased with the quality and the price!

So, below is my honest review and hopefully it will answer all of the questions that you have about Zenni so that you can feel confident if you decide to give it a go!

What Is Zenni Optical?

Most of us are stuck with one pair of prescription glasses because it's too expensive to have multiples on hand; enter Zenni.

Zenni makes it super easy to order prescription (or non-prescription glasses) in designer styles without the designer price tag that you'd find on other websites.

Zenni is actually a manufacturer of eyeglasses (they make their own frames in-house) and by doing so they cut out the middle man and offer eyeglasses at a deep discount.

Their website is really user friendly, and you can see how different sizes and styles look on a model or you can upload your own photo to get an idea of how each style would look on you.

How Exactly Does Zenni Work?

First, visit the Zenni website to get started with ordering your new glasses.

Zenni has thousands of frames to choose from (over 5,000 to be exact) so you you'll have plenty of options to satisfy your stylish urges.

You'll need to know your 'pupillary distance' before ordering glasses, you can get this straight from your eye doctor or you can measure yourself right on Zenni. Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds.

If you want to see how great you’re going to look in your new glasses, you’ll want to upload your photo and pupillary distance in the custom Zenni Frame Fit tool which will provide a virtual mirror to try on and compare glasses. This was a really a fun process and one of my favorite parts of picking out a new pair.

Once you've finally narrowed it down and picked your pair (or two or three), you'll be asked to enter your prescription information.

Then you'll move on to choosing your lenses! There are a few lens upgrade options that you might want to consider like impact resistance or lenses that block UV Blue rays.

I usually skip these upgrades to keep my price as low as possible and have always been impressed with the standard lenses offered by Zenni.

How Much Does Zenni Cost?

Zenni Optical makes all of their frames in house so they can offer deep discounts on glasses.

Frame prices start as low as $6.95 and the most expensive pairs are around $45.95.

If you only need single vision lenses and you skip the anti-reflective coating and tinting, you can get a full pair of prescription glasses for just $6.95 which is a pretty sweet price.

Some lens options are extra but Zenni does a great job of making it fully customizable so you're only paying for what you want and need.

How Long Does It Take To Get Zenni?

Zenni usually ships within a week and shipping takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

If you select standard shipping, the website says you can expect your glasses in about 2-3 weeks, but my experience has typically been just under two weeks. If you need them sooner you can select priority or expedited shipping for an additional cost and have them in about a week.

Many users have reported that shipping takes a while with Zenni but I've found that customer support is great and always willing to help with the shipping process.

You can also choose priority shipping at checkout if you don't want to wait on shipping.

Can You Use Insurance With Zenni?

While Zenni doesn't work with insurance companies directly, you might be able to.

Zenni doesn't accept insurance but most insurance companies will offer a partial reimbursement for out of network orders that you'll want to look into.

Check with your insurance company to find out if they will offer any reimbursement. If they will, Zenni will provide an emailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance company.

Just submit a claim to your insurance provider and depending on your plan's coverage you may be able to get your pair of Zenni glasses covered by your insurance provider.

I had no problem reaching out to my insurance company to cover my glasses.

What Is The Zenni Return Policy?

The Zenni Optical return policy is pretty simple.

Once your glasses are delivered you have 30 days to call, email or chat with a Zenni associate to get your return confirmed and you can return them for any reason.

If you get them and just don't like them, you have 30 days to return them for a 50% refund OR you can get a 100% store credit toward a different pair!!!

They'll also replace broken glasses within the first 30 days. Pretty awesome!

My Zenni Optical Complaints

My only complaint about Zenni Optical would be the shipping policy, I wish it were quicker.

The fastest shipping option is Expedited which will cost you an extra $28 (which is just too much) and the website says can take 7-10 days which to me is still a long time.

If you're impatient like me, $28 extra for a delivery of 7-10 days is a little outrageous. On top of that, users have complained about shipping times and since mine took two weeks you'll want to know that you'll have to be patient waiting for your order to arrive from Zenni.

With that said, they are making glasses in-house so shipping isn't something we were expecting to be next day but it's something to consider before ordering.

My Zenni Optical Review

If you're looking for a cheap option to try some new glasses out, Zenni is a safe bet.

The prices are great, they have some great styles and overall it was a great option for me.

I've always wanted to be able to change my glasses with my outfits but at $200+ per pair of prescription glasses, that just wasn't possible. Zenni has changed that.

The ability to get a full pair of glasses, prescription included for just $6.95 AND in really cute styles is just a game changer for the eyeglass industry.

Zenni is especially great for kids, forget worrying about broken or lost glasses that need to be replaced at a premium! I would highly recommend Zenni.

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