11 Cute Ways To Upcycle Old Birchboxes

11 Cute Ways To Upcycle Old Birchboxes

For years, I pretty much hung onto every empty Birchbox, and if you asked me why, I couldn't tell you; maybe it's because it pains me to be wasteful, or maybe because they're too pretty to just throw in the trash. Whatever the reason, I was glad when I came across all these awesome ways to upcycle old boxes on Pinterest.

We love upcycling! The idea of taking something that isn't being used or no longer serves its original purpose and giving it new life is pretty amazing. So we compiled a list of 11 awesome ways that Pinterest users have upcycled their old Birchboxes. To help lower the number of boxes you have stock piled in your closet, here are 11 ingenious idea for you to try!

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1. Make nifty craft storage boxes.


I love the idea of upcycling old boxes for craft storage, but what I love even more about old birchboxes is they are the perfect size for markers! To keep things even more organized you can buy labels to label whats inside each box.

2. Get your cord situation under control.


Use an old birchbox to get your cord situation under control. With a little paint, a little flair of design your desk will be mess-free and organized thanks to an old birchbox!

3. Turn an old box into a custom tissue box.

Remove tissues from a tissue box, pick your favorite birchbox design use a box cutter to make a rectangle hole on top, put in the tissues and pull one through and bam! An adorable DIY tissue box.

4. Make creative shelving that looks awesome.


Turning old birchboxes into creative shelving is awesome! This shelving would be great for small items like nail polish organization!

5. Create a DIY makeup box.


Have a ton of birchboxes laying around? Although this DIY project isn't small, the results are amazing! Using old birchboxes create a makeup box for all of your essentials!

6. Create 'open' picture frames.


I always love DIY picture frames. But these neat picture frames are 'open' which is a creative little way to upcycle empty birchboxes.

7. Make a mini zen garden for your office!


Know someone that works a little too much? Check out this mini zen garden one Pinterest user made for zenning out with an old box!

8. Make frames for the nursery.

I love the idea of being creative in your nursery to save money. These boxes and are a colorful way to brighten up your nursery for under 10 bucks!


9. Use them for office organization.

Craft your old birchboxes for home or work office organization. Such a great way to keep things organized and doesn't cost anything!

10. Make a DIY Nail Polish rack.


Birchbox boxes are MADE for nailpolish! There are so many ways to store nailpolish to keep them organized and within reach.

11. Make a stylish planter.


Want to flex your gardening muscles? If you live in a small space making a stylish planter is the perfect way to upcycle an old birchbox. It's easy to do and looks totally awesome!


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