11 Space Saving Baby Products Every Mom Needs

11 Space Saving Baby Products

1. Keep strollers off the floor and out of the way with these genius stroller hangers.

2. This 3-in-1 diaper bag goes from diaper bag to changing table, to travel bassinet. Save space and leave the playpen at home! You can get it here.

3. Create a toy bungalow with these stuffed animal hammocks and keep them off the floor.

4. Consider a collapsible jumper that you can store under the couch.

5. This nursery organizer will turn your changing station into a mommy command center.

6. This high chair connects to any regular sized chair and can be easily stored after use.

7. The snap-n-go turns any infant car seat into an insta-stroller. Don't wake the sleeping baby, put this thing in the trunk.

8. This cute little tub folds together in seconds and can be used right in the sink.

9. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer for baby clothing storage.

10. Install a wall mounted baby changing table for quick changes.

11. Use a small cart for baby supplies for quick access in the nursery.

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