15 Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

15 Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

1. Dusting

Did you know one of the best alternative uses for Dryer Sheets is actually dusting? Whether you're dusting a window sill, the baseboards, or really anything dryer sheets are a great way to repel dust and keep areas dust free for longer than using a paper towel.

2. Remove Pet Hair from Clothes

Surprising, but an excellent little mom hack for dryer sheets. The next time you have pet hair on your clothes, grab a dryer sheet and give it a try. Just wipe down your shirt, the kids clothes or even furniture for a nice hack to rid yourself of pet hair.

3. Keep Bugs Away

Another cool little trick with Dryer Sheets is to keep the bugs away. Just pop some under the lawn chairs, pop them in your beach bag they're really a great way to keep bugs (bees too) away.

4. Keep Drawers Fresh

This is a great tip for the kids rooms. Pop some dryer sheets into the kids drawers to give them a fresh smelling laundry scent all the time. Also throw a few in the laundry basket while you're at it.

5. Clean The Shower

Keep some dryer sheets in the bathroom and when you need to remove some soap build up, mineral deposit or anything yucky clean the shower with the Dryer Sheets. Also while you're at save money on shower cleaner and try this homemade shower cleaner solution. Such a cool little trick!

6. Clean Glass

Another alternative use and another cleaning strategy is using them on glass. You know those little smudges the kids leave on glass? Dryer Sheets are a god send in removing those, just rub some dryer sheets on smudged glass and that'll do the trick.

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7. Get unstatic-ey

This one is obvious but a helpful reminder. Dryer sheets are an awesome way to remove static from your clothes just pat yourself with a dryer sheet to remove the static-ey feel instantly.

8. Keep shoes smelling fresh

I do this with my hubby's shoes. Just pop some dryer sheets into shoes to make them smell fresh (maybe not fresh but better for sure) just sneak a few in when he takes them off!

9. Freshen your living room

Have a friend coming over the the living room smells a little funky? Pop some dryer sheets over vents (with some tape) to have the scent circulate instantly. This is a cool hack to freshen things up quick!

10. Clean your laundry room

This is like a pro tip inside of a pro tip for dryer sheets. When you're done a load of laundry grab the dryer sheet and clean your dryer and washer, inside of both and your lint trap. Such a great way to keep the laundry room in A+ condition at all times.

11. Remove bugs from car

Keep dryer sheets in your car and when the bugs get on the windshield or on your cars body rub them off with some dryer sheets for quick removal. I do this all the time in the summer. For around the house bugs, try this homemade mosquito repellant for your next BBQ.

12. Keep clothes fresh while traveling

This is one I use all the time when I'm traveling for work. To keep clothes fresh smelling, pop dryer sheets in between your clothes to keep them smelling good and fresh. This really makes a difference when I travel maybe it's just because I love the scent.

13. Better smelling trash can

This is one of my favorite alternative uses for dryer sheets. Pop some in the bottom of your trash can before putting a bag inside and your trash can will actually smell decent.

14. Make pans sparkle

Want your pans to look like new again? Fill the pan with water and pop a dryer sheet inside, wait 30 minutes and wait and see how clean the pan is when you come back to wash it.

15. Sleep in freshness

By far my favorite tip, put some dryer sheets inside of your pillow cases and under your mattress to have your bed smelling fresh all year round.

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