21 Parenting Hacks Every New Mom Should Know

21 Parenting Hacks Every New Mom Should Know

About 400,000 babies are born daily; that means roughly 800,000 parents welcome a new child into the world each day.

As many parents who've been there will tell you, raising a child is no easy task. Sleepless nights, some of the longest days you've ever experienced, dirty diaper changes... the list goes on and on...

With the help of a few experienced moms, we've compiled a list to make your life as a parent just a little easier. These aren't the tips you'll find in the brochures at your pediatrician's office; these tips can only come from experience. You'll thank us later:

1. Keep your kid's toys close during bath time with the help of a laundry basket.

2. Give toilet training toddlers a cheat sheet for toilet paper usage.

3. At some point, your child may decide he hates having his hair washed; this $2 shower hat is a great investment.

4. Any staircase can be a slide if you have a cardboard box.

5. A shower tote can help prevent messes in the car by keeping food on their laps and off the floor.

6. This 'Monster Repellant' can rid any room of monsters (also available in goblin, clown, or any other fear your child may develop).

7. Shoe organizers have MANY uses; like, for example, car storage.

8. Need a playpen that can fit in your diaper bag or suitcase? Consider an inflatable pool.

9. Turn tedious tasks into fun games and put your little ones to work!

10. Freeze a Capri Sun to make a delicious slushy.

11. You can teach kids how to properly hold a pencil with just a rubber band.

12. Buy a bunch of plastic sauce cups to store binkies and skip the expensive cases that require cleaning.

13. A crib sheet over the playpen will help keep baby cool and free of bug bites.

14. Sheet + Table = Toddler Hammock

15. Prevent little hands from plugging and unplugging by putting padlocks on plugs that aren't in use.

16. Use a plastic coffee cup lid to catch those messy, sticky popsicle drips.

17. Repurpose this flexible ball and simplify feeding time for those chubby little fingers.

18. Red solo cups can prevent those painful sparkler burns that we've all experienced.

19. Extend a faucet with an empty baby wash bottle and make it easier for little arms to reach. Or go with a Faucet Extender.

20. An old shampoo bottle makes a great water balloon pump.

21. Fill a glove with beans and sneak out without waking them.

Have a go-to parenting hack to share? We'd love to hear it!


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  • BrandyWine77

    I LOVE the hand filled with beans hack!  Where was this when my guys were little??  Love the tips!