How To Get Wendy's Free Frosty Key Tag (2018 Keychain)

How To Get Wendy's Free Frosty Key Tag (2018 Keychain)

The Free Wendy’s Frosty has become one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Everyone has heard about, but is it really true?

Well we have some good news, yes it's true, but not only that, there is a simple trick that'll let you buy the Free Wendy's Frosty 2018 key tag right from Wendy's foundation site.

There's been countless articles written on it and even a Snopes page.

Most sites I’ve come across don’t break down how exactly to get free Frosty’s at Wendy’s so I figured I’d do a detailed write up on how exactly it works.

We're going to break down what the Free Wendy's Frosty hack most don't know about as well as how to get your hands on the Free Frosty Keychain this year.

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Free Wendy's Frosty 2018

The good news is, it’s super simple.

But it’s not as easy as going to the Wendy's store for your free frosty, you’ll have to follow this tutorial.


You’re not only helping yourself out scoring a free Wendy’s Frosty, it’s actually for a really good cause too.

You see, getting the Wendy’s Free Frosty key tag (which is just a Frosty keychain) for 2018 is done via the Dave Thomas Foundation website (founder of Wendy’s) and the money goes towards helping adoption efforts which is the foundation's mission statement.

free wendys frosty

It really is a great cause — the foundation (which you can check out here) is focused on helping children who may end up in the foster care system and getting them to a safe, loving and permanent family.

Free Frosty Key Keychain

You see it's simple:

Your free Frosty keychain will only cost you $2 (which is a killer deal) and you’ll get a free frosty with every purchase you make at Wendy’s in 2018.

Not just that you'll also be helping a lot of people out by doing so with their amazing foundation.

The 2018 free Frosty key tags have already been released, follow the link below to buy:

  1. Click here for the free Frosty Key Tag for 2018

Here's what Dave's foundation says about the Frosty key tags:

To purchase 2018 Frosty Key Tags, please click here. All Frosty Key Tag sales are final, and returns or refunds will not be made after purchase for any reason. We cannot guarantee delivery date on any Frosty Key Tags purchased. Thank you for your support.

For me this is really a great way to buy something that’s bigger than a great deal. I’ll be able to teach the kids about adoption and giving back.

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It’s a nice little way to score free frosties but at the same time teach the kids something more about how the world works and how we can do our part to give back.

Thanks Dave,

Your turn: Will you give the Free Frosty Keychain a go? If so, tell us how it works in the comments below or any tips you have for scoring free Frostys!


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