Mom Deals Penny Saving Challenge

The Mom Deals 1 Penny Savings Challenge

Wanting to start the new year off right and get your savings on? Well it doesn't have to be as hard as you think! Sometimes the best way to start something new is to ease into it.

Like a new workout routine. Because you know if you go too hard at that out the gate you won't be able to move the rest of the week! LOL

Well the Mom Deals 1 Year Money Saving Challenge is just that! The Mom Deals Penny Saving Challenge is a simple trick that'll let you start saving painlessly now but will help you grow your money over time.

And it's actually a savings plan that everyone can succeed at because it literally is just pennies in the pot! Did you know that the average American household has about $20 in pennies just laying around.

(You're probably thinking now about all the ones you encounter doing laundry and in the couch cushions aren't you?)

The Mom Deals Money Saving Challenge will show you just how much those spare pennies laying around can help you stack up a nice chunk of change by the end of the year!

The challenge is simple, for 365 days you'll save those pennies. You'll start with 1 penny on day one, followed by 2 pennies on day 2. Then on day 3 you'll save 3 pennies, so on and so forth.

And those pennies add up! Because in one year's time those pennies will add up to a whopping $667.95! It's amazing how this one little hack can add up to a huge savings for you, isn't it?!

This is such a genius and totally painless way to save a bunch of money over time without a huge impact on your spending money. Heck I've got my first few weeks covered just by doing the laundry today! Only now I'm tossing those coins into my newly dubbed "Mom Deals Savings Jar"!

Below is a handy chart to keep up with how much you've saved...

Mom Deals 1 Year Money Saving Challenge

And if money gets tighter toward the end of the year, you could even do this savings challenge in reverse order and let your savings amount go down each day instead of up - making it even easier as you go!

Just pin this page to your favorites so you can remember how much to set aside each day in case you forget.

Or, you can print a copy out here and start saving today! (And while you're at it, print one for a friend too!)

$667.95 would sure help pay for Christmas, pay off some debt, or get that new bag or spa day that you wouldn't normally treat yourself too! You deserve it momma!

So be sure to comment below if you're joining in with us on this one and let's have some fun helping each other save this year!

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