​Babysitting Grandchildren Reduces Your Risk of Alzheimer's, Studies Show

​Babysit Grandkids, Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

No, your daughter didn't tell us to write this article to persuade you to take the grandkids every weekend (although we IMMEDIATELY sent this article to our own mothers); it really is true!

According to a study performed by the Women's Health and Aging Project in Australia, grandmothers who spent one day a week caring for their grandchildren had better cognitive function than those who didn't.

Of the 180 women who participated, those that helped with childcare at least one day a week scored the highest on the cognitive tests. While this study didn't look into the reason for the correlation, there's lots of research that shows that social interaction and purpose is mentally stimulating and helps prevent depression and mental decline!! Great for both grandchild and grandparent, alike!

But before you sign up as permanent nanny, you should know that the opposite was true for those that spent 5 or more days caring for little ones. So find the right balance or love, caring and quality time with your grandchildren and you'll live longer, happier and healthier.


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