Where To Buy The Flushin Frenzy Game 2018

Where To Buy The Flushin Frenzy Game 2018

Disgusting or hilarious? You decide. After looking at some of the YouTube videos for Flushin' Frenzy it seems the kids are going with hilarious on this one mommas.

We're expecting the Flushin' Frenzy Game to be one of this years top Christmas toys. It's all over social networks and with that comes low stock!

We're keeping track of Flushin Frenzy stock levels and best prices. We'll keep track of where to buy, best deals and any stock changes.

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What Is The Flushin' Frenzy Game?

Flushin' Frenzy is a new 2018 game where you actually have to catch a poop! Flush the handle on the toilet to roll the dice, then 'plunge' that many times!

But watch out....

After any push on the plunger the poop may come flying out of the toilet! What a disgustingly, hilarious game the kids will probably end up loving.

The first person who catches the poop wins a token and the winner of the game is the person with the most tokens at the end!

It actually seems like a fun concept that isn't that gross but actually a lot of fun, check out the videos on YouTube to get an idea for how it works.

With how popular poop games were last year (also with how popular they seem to do on YouTube) we're expecting this one to sell out. These will probably be on 3rd party and auction sites the closer we get to Christmas so grab when you spot a hot price!

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