Where To Buy Crate Creatures Surprise Big Blowout 2018

Where To Buy Crate Creatures Surprise Big Blowout 2018

Crate Creatures are back and funnier than ever! These new editions are bigger, grosser and cooler.

We're expecting these Crate Creatures Surprise Big Blowouts to be one of this years top Christmas toys and be super hard to find the closer we get to Christmas.

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What Is Crate Creatures Surprise Big Blowout?

Big Blowouts are the bigger, funnier and grosser editions of the original Crate Creatures Surprise.

The creatures themselves are not only super stylish with a definition of cool but when you pull your creatures tongue, finger, or underwear they let out monstrously funny noises!

Twist the critter on your Creature's head for a countdown to the BIG BLOWOUT!!! Yes, we're talking about jaw-dropping and fun never-ending fart sounds.

But that's not all! They are locked up in a cage that you have to "break" open with the included crowbar. But don't throw that lock away once opened it turns into a Lockie Talkie!

What is a Lockie Talkie you may ask? It is an exclusive walkie-talkie like device and whatever you say can be projected out of your new creature up to 50 foot away!

How super cool do these sound?! You can choose in between Croak, Nanners, and Guano or collect them all for the most exciting fun.

The original Crate Creatures flew off the shelves as soon as they were released which makes us expect these to be even hotter with a huge fan base out there. If you have a chance to grab on at retail we say go for it before it sells out. We're already seeing these land on reseller sites for tons more then retail and we expect them to only get pricier as we get closer to the holiday season.

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