Where To Buy Disney Princess Playdate Maximus 2018

Where To Buy Disney Princess Playdate Maximus 2018

The toy we all have been counting down to has finally arrived! Disney Princess Playdate Maximus is like a Tangled dream come true for every little princess.

We're expecting this Disney Princess Playdate Maximus to be one of this years top Christmas items. They are rare to find in-stock and will only get worse the closer we get to December.

We will be keeping track of the Disney Princess Playdate Maximus in stock levels and best prices. To make shopping easier bookmark this page where you can easily find where to buy, the best sales and any stock changes you should know about.

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What Is The Disney Princess Playdate Maximus?

No household is complete without My Size Disney's Maximus that you can actually get on and ride just like your favorite princess Rapunzel.

Jump on and get ready to go down imagination lane. Pull on his reins and he moves his head and makes real horse sounds. Pull again and he will even make a trotting sound that will get you going.

When it's time to stop for lunch offer Maximus his included apple and he will really hold it in his mouth and make chomping sounds exciting everyone that sees him.

He even comes complete with wear and share hair accessories that you will be able to style his hair with or even use them in your own.

When your done playing for the day all of his accessories can go right in his saddlebag for storage. Talk about a dream come true this princess horse is so awesome I would even love it.

This is expected to be on the tip-top of many Christmas lists and we can only expect it will become extinct. If you can latch Maximus up for the retail price we say go for it as he is already over double price at re-seller sites and we can only expect him to get pricier the closer we get to December.

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