Where To Find Fingerlings In Stock (2019 Tracker)

Where To Find Fingerlings In Stock (2019 Tracker)

Fingerlings are some of the most popular toys that have hit store shelves in years. With that popularity, finding fingerlings in stock has always been the tricky part.

The good news? To make things easy, we're keeping track of where to find fingerlings in stock!

We'll be keeping track of all the popular stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon and others so whichever fingerling you are after you'll be able to score it. Keep in mind, popular fingerlings go fast so you'll want to be quick.

Fingerlings Tracker

Whether you're after a Dragon Fingerling, or the rare Unicorn Fingerling, our Fingerlings tracker should help.

You'll also have a better idea of which are more popular with which are sold out quick. This fingerling tracker will help you gage which fingerlings are more popular as you can see with prices ranging based on demand.

Make sure you bookmark and check back often so you'll know when fingerlings will be back in stock as well. As always, confirm you're price is the one listed before checking out so you're not buying overpriced third party fingerlings which happens quite often if you're ordering through Amazon or eBay.

Fingerling Name/TypeStatusPrice
Alika: Baby UnicornIn Stock $14.99
Amelia: Glitter MonkeyIn Stock $12.62
Bella: Baby MonkeyIn Stock $13.47
Boris: Baby MonkeyIn Stock $10.41
Candi: 2Tone MonkeyIn Stock $10.59
Charlie: 2Tone MonkeyIn Stock $12.92
Kingsley: Baby SlothIn Stock $10.00
Marge: Baby SlothIn Stock $7.99
Melon: 2Tone MonkeyIn Stock $14.84
Mia: Baby MonkeyIn Stock $13.00
Rose: Glitter MonkeyIn Stock $14.84
Sophie: Baby MonkeyIn Stock $14.84
Sugar: Glitter MonkeyIn Stock $9.89
Summer: 2Tone MonkeyIn Stock $9.08
Sydney: 2Tone MonkeyIn Stock $9.45

Fingerling Accessories Tracker

We're not just keeping track of fingerlings stock either, we'll also be covering Fingerling accessories which tend to sell out closer to holidays. If you see these at a great price grab them before the sell out!

Fingerling Accessory NameStock Price
Jungle Gym Playset with AimeeIn Stock $10.73
Monkey Bar Playset with LivIn Stock $11.37
Seesaw with Willy & MillyIn Stock $21.53

Fingerling HUGS Tracker

Fingerling HUGS are one of the newest toys from WowWee and kids love them. They're a totally new twist that we love, the only problem is they sell out just like fingerlings do so we're keeping track of stock.

Here's all the places you can find Fingerling HUGS in stock right now for those looking to grab:

Fingerlings HUGS Name/TypeStockPrice
Bella: Pink Baby MonkeyIn Stock $15.99
Boris: Blue Baby MonkeyIn Stock $21.16
Gigi: White Baby UnicornIn Stock $29.98
Kiki: Purple Baby MonkeyIn Stock $29.99
Kinglsey: Brown Baby SlothIn Stock $29.99

Fingerlings Untamed Tracker

Fingerlings Untamed are some of the newest fingerlings to hit the market. It's a totally new play on fingerlings that are actually not cute and cudly monkeys or sloths but dinosaurs!

Check of the fingerlings untamed stock below and grab one while you can.

Fingerling Untamed Name/TypeStockPrice
Blaze: Orange Untamed RaptorIn Stock $8.99
Fury: Blue Untamed RaptorIn Stock $12.60
Razor: Purple Untamed RaptorIn Stock $8.99
Stealth: Green Untamed RaptorIn Stock $8.99

What Are Fingerlings?

Wondering what these are why we're even keeping stock of them? Fingerlings are interactive toys that took the internet by storm in 2016 and 2017. Once released Fingerlings went completely viral and stock of the popular toy went quick. With how popular they still are you'll find them sold out often.

What Do Fingerlings Actually Do?

Fingerlings are super interactive, just hang them from your finger so they can chill out, or even let them fall asleep in your hand, kids love to interact with them for hours and they're all really adorable and come in many forms, even unicorns and dinosaurs now.

Where To Buy Fingerlings

Amazon offers the biggest selection of Fingerlings currently, not only do they have some of the more popular Fingerlings but also they just released the new Dire Wolf fingerling collection.

Walmart also has a ton of Fingerlings in stock right now too. Not only can you score popular Fingerlings like the unicorns and the amazing Untamed Collection but you can also score the Walmart exclusive fingerling which is theBaby Sloth Fingerling and the Baby Dragon Fingerlings which are absolutely adorable!

How Much Do Fingerlings Cost?

Here's the thing about Fingerlings, while you're going to be able to grab one when you follow this guide for around $15, the resell market on these is extremely high that's why so many are going after Fingerling stock levels so you score fingerlings at the best possible price without paying an arm and a leg.

Not only should you not buy Fingerlings 3rd party because of the price, but there are a lot of fake Fingerlings out there that you'll want to keep your eye out for we always recommend checking the price before checking out!

Your turn: Which fingerling are you looking to find in stock? Which stores are you checking daily to find your fingerlings in stock? Let us know in the comments so we can all hunt fingerlings together!

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