Where To Buy Fingerlings In The US (2019)

 Where To Buy Fingerlings In The US (2019)

Fingerlings are the super popular and hot toys that came out in 2017 only to get more popular in 2018 and we expect 2019 to carry on with the trend.

With how popular Fingerlings toys have become, we figured why not make simple guide breaking down where to find the most popular Fingerlings in stock including the new dire wolf, sabre tooth tiger, dragons, pandas, untamed, and big hugs at the best price possible.

In this guide we'll be breaking down what Fingerlings are, how much they cost, how they work as well as stock levels so if you plan on doing so you can do so now.

Fingerlings In Stock

With how popular Fingerlings are, you won't want to wait. Fingerlings sell out quick whenever the price drops on them so make sure if you see a good deal you grab it.

When buying third party Fingerlings from Amazon or eBay make sure the reviews are good by the seller as there have been reports of fake fingerlings being sold on these sites.

Where To Buy Fingerlings

Amazon offers the biggest selection of Fingerlings currently, not only do they have some of the more popular Fingerlings but also they just released the new Dire Wolf fingerling collection.

One of the most popular Fingerlings the unicorn Fingerling named Mackenzie (which is actually an Amazon exclusive) you can now grab for $17.99.

Walmart also has a ton of Fingerlings in stock right now too. Not only can you score popular Fingerlings like the unicorns and the amazing Untamed Collection but you can also score the Walmart exclusive Baby Sloth Fingerling and the Baby Dragon Fingerlings which are absolutely adorable!

We can't forget about Target either. Target has Fingerlings on sale right now too including the new Sabre Tooth Tiger fingerlings lineup so if you have a Target REDCard you may be better off skipping Amazon and Walmart and going straight with Target.

What are Fingerlings?

Wondering what these are why we're even keeping stock of them? Fingerlings are interactive toys that took the internet by storm in 2016 and 2017.

Once released Fingerlings went completely viral and stock of the popular toy went quick. With how popular they still are you'll find them sold out often.

Fingerlings are super interactive, just hang them from your finger so they can chill out, or even let them fall asleep in your hand, kids love to interact with them for hours and they're all really adorable and come in many forms, even unicorns and dinosaurs now.

How do Fingerlings work?

Fingerlings are super simple, just pop on your finger and you're off!

They come with 40 animations with sound effects that replicate kissing, monkey babble, they can open and close their eyes, hang from their tails and much more.

Kids will love interacting with these little monkeys and seeing how they react to and interact with your finger and voice are super fun, this is how they got so popular.

The key to Fingerlings is providing love and nurturing your monkey. Kids love watching them fall asleep in the palm of their hand, these adorable Fingerlings fall asleep right in the palm of your hand and you can quietly rock them to sleep which is totally adorable and kids love it.

How much do Fingerlings cost?

Here's the thing about Fingerlings, while you're going to be able to grab one when you follow this guide for around $15, the resell market on these is extremely high.

Not only should you not buy Fingerlings 3rd party because of the price, but there are a lot of fake Fingerlings out there that you'll want to keep your eye out for.

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