Where To Buy Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex 2018

Where To Buy Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex 2018

Fingerlings are the hot toys that kids of all ages beg for yearly. New this year they released an amazing glow in the dark skeleton T-Rex that is sure to launch an even bigger fan base.

We're expecting these Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex's to be one of this year's toys. They are super rare to find in-stock and will only get worse the closer we get to December.

We will be keeping track of Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex in stock levels and best prices. To make shopping easier bookmark this page where you can easily find where to buy, the best sales and any stock changes you should know about.

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What is The Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex?

Fingerlings Untamed Skeleton T-Rex's are the new addition to the Fingerling family.

These Fingerlings are super interactive, just hang them from your finger so they can chill out, or even let them fall asleep in your hand, kids love to interact with them for hours.

Wonder what makes the skeleton Untamed versions so much cooler than the prior additions? Not only do they do the normal roaring, hissing & chomping, they also rattle!

Plus they have no skin making them a roaring dinosaur skeleton that glows in the dark!

You have a choice between Doom or Gloom but with how hard these have been to find in-stock near the holidays we imagine this year's version is going to be just as popular and go extinct.

If you can latch these up for the retail price we say go for it as it is already higher on re-seller sites and we can only expect them to get pricier the closer we get to December.

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