Where To Buy Monopoly Fortnite Edition 2018

Where To Buy Monopoly Fortnite Edition 2018

Have you heard? Monopoly Fortnite edition is here and it's taking the thrill of video games and crossing it over with family night board games.

We're expecting this Monopoly Fortnite to be one of this years top Christmas toys. After all battling your family while avoiding the storm is going to be super addicting for all ages.

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What Is Monopoly Fortnite Edition?

This monopoly puts a twist on the traditional gameplay and makes it that much more exciting.

The board itself looks pretty similar to your regular Monopoly set up, except the classic properties have been replaced with locations pulled right from Fortnite's island including Titled Towers, Tomato Town, and Haunted Hills.

Then the twist of Fortnite comes into play. This game is not just all about property instead players get to roll the action die to damage their opponents, build a wall, or get a health pack.

Be warned that the cards are great chances as well. Will the storm come in and take up properties so you can't buy them or will you be safe until your next roll?

Each turn is an exciting battle until the end. Will you survive and make it to the top?

Everything Fortnite is super popular this year and we expect this to be on kids, teens, and adults Christmas list. If you have a chance to grab it at retail we say go for it before it sells out. We're already seeing these land on reseller sites for nearly triple their cost and we expect them to only get pricier as we get closer to the holiday season.

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