Where To Buy Sequin Surprise Rainbocorns 2018

Where To Buy Sequin Surprise Rainbocorns 2018

The brand new and super popular Rainbocorns are finally here and they combine all the favorites all kids love into one soft cuddly friend.

We're expecting Rainbocorns to be one of this year's toys. They are super rare to find in-stock and will only get worse the closer we get to December.

We will be keeping track of the Rainbocorns in stock levels and best prices. To make shopping easier bookmark this page where you can easily find where to buy, the best sales and any stock changes you should know about.

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What is Rainbocorns?

Zuru has invented the toy that is on top of many Christmas lists. It's a Rainbocorn.

Each character comes in an egg that everyone will love hatching, hugging and playing with.

But not only are these soft character's super soft they are also made with tons of sparkles, sequins, and each one comes complete with a unique hidden surprise!

The reversible and removable sequin tummy heart patch reveals a surprise that will give your new best friend special powers.

Every Rainbocorn also comes with a little baby Boo-Boocorn, a tiny collectible hiding in a little egg! They even have a set of twins! Who will you hatch?

These Rainbocorns come in several adorable characters including a puppy corn, kitty corn, unicorn, monkey corn, and hamster. Each one containing its own special surprise.

Rainbocorns have been one of the hardest toys to find in stock. If you can latch a Rainbocorn up for the retail price we say go for it as it is already higher on re-seller sites and we can only expect them to get pricier the closer we get to December.

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