Where To Buy The New Tamagotchi Anniversary Toy 2017

Where To Buy The New Tamagotchi

Have you heard the news that it's the Tamagotchi's 20th anniversary and they're bringing them back this year!? Not only that but they're even expected to be one of the best Christmas toys for 2017! Yup, it's official, and if you're looking for where to buy a Tamagotchi you're in the right place.

With the celebration of the 20th anniversary there will be a limited release on these so you can score one of the most popular toys of the 90's and have your little one enjoy the fun of owning their own digital pet. Feed them, clean up and take care of them but first, where can you get one?

The news on when and where these will be available to buy has been limited, so we'll be keeping track in this post on where to buy the Tamagotchi Anniversary edition. Bookmark and share this post with friends and family who need a heads up about these coming back.

In Stock

  1. Best Buy — $14.99 GRAB HERE
  2. Amazon — $19.99 GRAB HERE
  3. Toys R Us — $14.99 GRAB HERE

Limited Stock/Higher RRP

  1. Best Buy — $14.99 GRAB HERE
    1. Only blue available*
  2. Ebay — Prices from $24.95 GRAB HERE
    1. Free shipping included*

Out of Stock

  1. Walmart — $14.99 (out of stock)
  2. Target — $14.99 (out of stock)

In the mid 90s the Tamagotchi was totally viral (pre-internet we're talking) the tiny keychain toys start out as a virtual egg that eventually hatches and with nurturing becomes and adult thanks to care and food.

In a whole new nostalgic twist the company has brought them back and the best part is they are exactly like the original ones. The toys are just a tiny keychain with buttons (just like the old one) and are expected for a full release on November 5th.

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