Tech Deals & Coupons for 2018

Shopping for the latest tech deals can be a costly business. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep up with the hottest new technology. Here on MomDeals, we’re on the hunt for tech coupons and bargains, to fulfill your technology needs at a fraction of the price.

Most Popular Tech Stores:

Tech Bargains & Coupons

Tech bargains are all over the internet, with great deals being offered on a daily basis from the major electronics stores. However, there's such a wealth of information out there that it can sometimes be difficult to separate the mediocre bargains from the truly excellent tech deals. Here on MomDeals, we collate all the hottest promo information on new technology, the best coupons and the greatest deals, enabling you to see the super sales at a glance.

Major Tech Retailers

There are a number of online retailers which are a go-to destination when it comes to buying tech bargains online. A couple of honourable mentions are: Once of the biggest online tech retailers in America, Newegg sells everything from HDMI cables to hard drives. They release new promos extremely often, especially through their "email blast" to their consumer mailing list – so make sure you are on that. The Newegg "shell shockers" are very popular too – these are the heavily discounted daily deals, of which they offer five per day. Newegg Premier is highly recommended if you are a frequent shopper there - this is Newegg's membership option which gives you various benefits such as free expedited shipping and free returns. This is the place to visit if you're looking for a bargain on your consumer electronics. Selling a massive range of technology, Best Buy frequently has promos and sales offering reductions across the site. Best Buy often offer coupons on specific product ranges such as on small appliances or inks and toners. Make sure you check out the Best Buy price match guarantee – they will match the prices of qualifying online retailers or local competitors.

Other Stores to Score Tech Deals

As well as the big brands mentioned above, there are a number of other stores which are worth watching for tech deals. Though they don't specialize in technology offerings, there are often deals to be had.

For example, sells a huge amount of technology items, everything from monitors to motherboards. It's a great place to check out for low prices on big-named brands. Another place to have a look would be eBay. Though there are a lot of refurbished and second-hand technology items on there, there are also brand-new items from professional marketplace sellers, which could be worth a look.

And lastly, don't forget to check the clearance sections of popular department stores such as Sears which may also have great TV deals, computer sales and other electronics deals too.

Tips on Getting a Tech Deal

Looking for cheap laptops? Want to find the best TV sales? Here are a few tips which will help you find the best possible deal on your cheap technology hunt.

Know what you want: This may sound obvious, but it helps if you state a minimum specification that you are looking for, before you start your price research (when it comes to TVs, computers, laptops, etc). There are so many stores out there selling so many different models and different brands that it can be in credibly confusing once you dip your toe in the water. E.g. Confirm the spec you're looking for in terms of hard drive size, speed, monitor size, etc., and then you will be able to narrow down the market and start to hone in on some individual pricing and deals.

Don't impulse buy:You're going to be forking out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new laptop, computer, or TV – so this tip is also obvious. Don't impulse buy, even if you think it's a fantastic bargain! To score the best tech deal, you really need to be doing your research and ideally hold off a few weeks, if not months, in trying to find the best price for you.

When to shop: As it is with the latest technology and many other consumer items, there are certain holidays or times of the year when you can possible score a better deal. For laptops in particular, two specific periods would be worth a mention. One: Back to school. In late July and August, the tech retailers pull out all the stops and try to lure in the "back to school" spenders, looking for a new laptop for heading back to college or university. Two – Black Friday & Cyber Monday: This shopping event in late November and early December is a great time to find deals on laptops. For all other tech items, the Black Friday and Christmas periods tend to offer the steepest discounts.

Where to shop: The online retailer is an excellent spot to have a look for deals on computers and laptops. Another store to put on the to-check list would be Microsoft. Both these stores have laptop sales on a weekly basis and there's potential for some steep discounts. If you're looking for console sales; Xbox one deals, PlayStation 4 deals or even Nintendo Wii sales, then make sure you check out all the deals and coupons before you buy!

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