Travel Deals & Coupons for 2024

Heading off into the wild beyond? Or perhaps just a city break at a location near you? Whether you’re travelling near or far, there’s always the possibility to make an extra saving on your trip by being a savvy shopper. Check MomDeals for all the latest travel deals before you book!

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Travel Deals & Coupons

Daydreaming of a cruise in the Caribbean? Wishing for an excursion to Egypt? Hoping for a break in the Bahamas? Whatever type of holiday you're wanting, you certainly DON'T want to be paying full price. When it comes to booking a vacation, there is excellent potential for money-saving via the use of travel deals, coupons and promotional offers.

Nowadays, we've all become accustomed to just jumping on a plane and taking a vacation to wherever we wish, providing it fits the budget. Whether you only are able to get a vacation once every blue moon, or you're a seasoned traveller jumping on a plane a few times a year, you will want to get the best bargain your travels. Here on MomDeals, we have a savvy team of coupon-hunters who are consistently on the lookout for the steepest discounts from the most popular travel companies, hotels, airlines, travel agencies and more. We'll find the best holiday offers for you, saving you time and money on your travels.

Car Rental Deals

If you're on the hunt for car rental coupons to save a bit extra on your vehicle once you arrive at your destination, then MomDeals is the place to visit. We regularly update all the latest car rental coupon codes for major companies such as:

  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Budget

These car rental companies often release coupon codes and deals, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars on your trip.

Car Rental Sales Tips

Here are a few tips on "rent a car" deals which if followed in advance of your trip, can help you cut on your car rental costs by up to 50%!

  1. Select your dates carefully: Before you've even booked your trip, carefully consider the dates on which you are willing to travel. If you're flying in to a city and you know you're going to need a rental car – check the prices of this before you even book your flight. Renting a car during weekdays can often be cheaper than a weekend rental – so if you have the flexibility, consider booking your travel around that concept. E.g. Arriving on a Thursday instead of on a Friday can make a significant difference in the bottom line of your car rental deals.
  2. Change pickup location: If possible, check the prices for collecting your rental car at locations other than the airport to which you are arriving. If you're able to collect your rent a car from neighbourhood locations, chances are that the prices are significantly cheaper with car rental discounts.
  3. Pre-book insurance: When you get to the car rental desk, the attendants will always try to sell you extra insurance to protect your car during your trip. You do not need to buy this at the point of sale – did you know that you can book insurance in advance, from third parties – often at a fraction of the cost of the car rental company? Before you go on your trip, search for insurance quotes to cover you on the short car rental trip – you'll save a ton.
  4. Down-size the vehicle: Make sure to carefully consider the size of car rental that you will need. The websites often show graphics of the cars, showing how many people and how much luggage you can fit into specific models – compare this to what you actually need. Choosing the right size vehicle to fit your needs can often save you hundreds of dollars over a longer rental period.

Hotel Deals

For the majority of vacation deals that you require, you're going to be staying in a hotel or a resort, and you'll want to score a great deal on a cheap hotel. Some online hoteliers to consider when booking your trip:

  • Hilton
  • Marriott

There are of course hotel deals on many other online travel agencies and travel portals, but the above are specifically focussed on these hotel deals. in particular often releases hotel coupons to get an extra discount, often saving you as much as $100 per trip.

Scoring a Cheap Hotel: Hints & Tips

There are a number of things which you can do to get yourself a hotel discount when booking your vacation. Here are a few travel tips:

  1. Be flexible with your dates: If this is possible for you, you can score the best hotel deals if you have a little flexibility with your travel dates. Some hotels have excellent deals during their off-peak periods, especially if your arrival date is not on the weekend. Research the hotels and dates before you book.
  2. Watch out for event prices: Many hotels have special prices around specific events or holidays – such as Valentines package deals, Christmas discount offers, Spring Break promotions. If you can plan your trip around one of these promotional events, you can often score a great deal on more than just your room rates – with the hotel including meals, perks, and often spa access too.
  3. Subscribe to promo emails: This tip applies to both the MomDeals daily email alert, and the emails from your favourite hotels and online travel portals. Get on their mailing lists and be patient – know what you want, when you want it, and watch out for the best deal on those particular dates.
  4. Check membership discounts: If you're a member of certain clubs, you can often get hotel promo codes via this partnership. For example, if you have a Triple A membership, there are perks associated with this and sometimes they do hotel discount codes for specific chains.
  5. Try naming your own price: On, the "name your own price" hotel feature is excellent and there's the possibility to get absolutely excellent hotel deals. To put it simply, you choose the city, the hotel rating you wish, and the maximum price you would like to pay. Priceline then either accepts or rejects your "offer." In this way, it's possible to save up to 60% on regular hotel prices so it's worth checking out.
  6. Look out for "secret" hotel deals: On the likes of, they have the ability to book "secret" hotels. This means that Hotwire shows you all the details of the hotel in terms of the price, the rough location within the city of your choice, the hotel amenities, and the star rating. The only thing you don't know is the name of the exact hotel which you will get – you're taking a small risk, but you're getting a super-low price on a quality hotel from a big list of well-known brands.

Flight Deals

When booking a trip or a vacation, one of the things that takes the biggest chunks out of your budget could well be the air travel. Finding airline deals can really cut down the total cost of your trip. Some of the most popular destinations for finding airline sales would be:

  • On, it's common to get flight promo codes to save up to $30… which while not a huge discount, is better than nothing!
  • While rarely offering a coupon code for a flight itself, Southwest Airlines more commonly runs specific sales and promos on select destinations.

Getting Flight Discounts

Searching for flight deals before you book can often save you many hundreds of dollars. However, airline promo codes can often be difficult to find, as some airlines rarely release such offers. But there are other ways to save, if you can't find any flight coupons. Here are some savings tips for the savvy traveller to get cheap flights:

Price compare: You may think that you can only price compare actual, physical products – but this is not true. You can also price compare when it comes to plane tickets! Great destinations for this are Skyscanner or Google Flights – you input your destination and dates, and the sites will show you the cheapest prices for your travel. It's often the case that if you're willing to make a stop on your trip rather than flying direct, there's the possibility to save a few dollars.

  1. Clearing cookies: There have been reports of fluctuations in prices of flights, depending on if you've searched at the same website in the past. It's recommend that when searching, you use a fresh browser or clear your cookies, to make sure that the airline isn't showing you a different price based on your past searches.
  2. Book in advance: In general, flights are cheapest when you book as far in advance as possible. The prices only will increase from that point onwards as demand starts to increase. As soon as you know the dates you want to travel, get in there and get your booking made as soon as possible!
  3. Check the days of deals: Some airlines have one particular day in the week on which they have a sale, offering a slightly higher discount than other days. This differs from airline to airline, but you should be able to research and find details of this on their sites. It's rumoured that Tuesday afternoon may actually be the time of the week to score the best deals as the flight sales are released for the coming week – but this may not be true with all carriers.
  4. Buy 1 way tickets with different airlines: In some cases, but not all, it may be able to get the cheapest flights when booking two one-way tickets with two different airlines, than a return ticket with one airline. If multiple airlines are flying out of your intended destination then it's worth keeping this in mind and checking before you pay!

Vacation Deals

When it comes to booking a vacation, the possibilities are almost endless. Perhaps you like sunning it up on a hot Caribbean beach or speeding down the side of a cold, snowy mountain. And it won't be long before we can book vacations in outer space!

It's possible to score a cheap vacation packages with the use of a little savvy spending. Here on MomDeals, we're always on the lookout for the latest holiday coupons and cheap vacations for you.

Vacation Savings Tips

There are a number of things which you can do which may help you save on your vacation packages. And when it comes to booking a family holiday, this can often result in savings of thousands of dollars on the total cost of your vacation, whether it's a luxury cruise or a sun holiday. If you're on the hunt for an all-inclusive vacation or perhaps even just a city break, follow these helpful tips to save a fortune.

  1. Book well in advance: When it comes to vacations like ski holidays or cruises, you can often score the best deals if you book well in advance. In these cases, "in advance" would mean over a year before the travel dates. Cruises for example, are scheduled years in advance so booking your place early can mean getting the best deal and the best choice of on-board locations. Pro-Tip: If you're booking far in advance, make sure you take out an insurance policy in case you need to cancel your trip for unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Book last-minute: Conversely to the above point, excellent last minute vacation deals can be found if you're flexible about your destination, but you're able to book at a very late point in time. While you may not have as much choice in your final location when you book last minute vacations, you can still get an excellent bargain on a great holiday deal. These deals can be found through sites like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity.
  3. Go all-in: Where possible, consider going all-inclusive on your vacation deal. Again when referring to cruises in particular, this is great cost-saving measure. Buying an all-inclusive food and drinks package from your cruise provider can save you hundreds of bucks while on board.