Del Taco Taco Tuesday 2018: Prices, Tips & How To Save

Del Taco Taco Tuesday: How To Save

So you're an avid Taco Tuesday fan and you're considering Del Taco to partake in Taco Tuesday...

It's not just you, there are thousands of us.

The best (and most important thing) about Del Taco Taco Tuesday is actually when it is.

Like most Taco Tuesdays, it's on Tuesday.

But that's not it:

It's actually EVERY Thursday too, you see Del Taco has Taco specials for Tuesday AND on Thursday so if you're wanting to step you Taco night up a notch, Del Taco is a great option.

Because of how many Taco fanatics can't get enough tacos from Del Taco on Taco Tuesday, we figured why not make a guide covering prices, tips to help you save more, share specials and coupons and of course go over the Del Taco Taco Tuesday menu!

Without further ado, here's everything to know about Del Taco Taco Tuesday:

Del Taco Taco Tuesday 2018

Del Taco Taco Tuesday will be taking place every Tuesday and every Thursday of 2018.

Not only that but the times for Del Taco Taco Tuesday aka 'Taco Nights' are from 3 p.m. — 11 p.m so you have plenty of time to score tacos for the whole family.

On Tuesdays, Taco lovers can enjoy three regular tacos for just $1.29.

On Thursdays, you can score three grilled chicken tacos for just $2.29.

But there's more:

Del Taco actually also offers Taco lovers two free grilled chicken tacos when you sign up and join the Raving Fan eClub where they end out taco coupons, exclusive Del Taco promo codes and more as they become available.

Unlike most stores, this program doesn't annoy you with all the stuff you don't want (like silly updates) they use this to mostly send out coupons!

Del Taco Tuesday Taco Price

The prices on Del Taco Taco Tuesday are some of the best when compared to stores like Taco Bell or local Taco spots. On Tuesday you can score 3 tacos for $1.29 and on Thursday you can score 3 grilled chicken tacos for only $2.29, both are a bargain.

  • Tuesdays — Three regular tacos for just $1.29.
  • Thursdays — Three grilled chicken tacos for just $2.29.

Del Taco Raving Fan eClub

What is the Del Taco Raving Fan eClub? Put simply it's an app that sends you Del Taco coupons.

Here's what you get:

  • 2 Free Grilled Chicken Tacos
  • Free Premium Shake on your birthday
  • Exclusive coupons & promo codes
  • Try new products before they go on sale

And guess how much it is to sign up? Yup, that's right it's free.

Del Taco Coupons

Make sure you check out the Del Taco specials page for new updates on coupons and promo codes as they become available. And also sign up for the Raving Fan eClub.

Del Taco Taco Tuesday Menu

While the normal menu is what you can choose from on Del Taco Taco Tuesday, make sure you also check out the specials page for exclusive Taco Tuesday specials.

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Are you an avid Taco Tuesday Del Taco go-er? We'd love to hear from you! What is your regular order from Del Taco on Taco Tuesday with your family?

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