Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals & Specials To Score On Tuesdays

Del Taco Taco Tuesday: Deals & Specials To Score On Tuesdays

So you're an avid Taco Tuesday fan and you're considering Del Taco to partake in Taco Tuesday...

It's not just you, there are thousands of us.

The best (and most important thing) about Del Taco Taco Tuesday is actually when it is.

Like most Taco Tuesdays, it's on Tuesday.

But that's not it:

It's actually EVERY Thursday too, Del Taco has Taco specials for Tuesday AND also on Thursday so if you're wanting to step your Taco night up a notch, Del Taco is the way to do it.

With how many Taco fanatics I know that'll read this post and run out to Del Taco on Taco Tuesday, we figured why not make a guide covering Taco Tuesdays prices, hours and also a quick rundown of the best Taco Tuesday Deals & Specials at Del Taco.

And of course we'll be covering the Del Taco Tuesday menu as well, let's get to it...

Del Taco Taco Tuesday

Del Taco Taco Tuesday goes down every Tuesday and Thursday of 2018.

The hours for Taco Tuesday are from 3 p.m. — 11 p.m so you'll have plenty of time to get there.

The best Taco Tuesday special is probably three regular tacos for just $1.29.

The best Taco Tuesday deal on Thursday is probably three grilled chicken tacos for just $2.29.

But that's not it.

If you want to maximize savings and score the best deals and specials, take a minute to hop over to Del Taco and sign up and join the Raving Fan eClub.

While we don't usually recommend fast food clubs, this one is cool because when you sign up you get two totally FREE grilled chicken tacos for just doing so.

Oh, and you'll also get new Taco Tuesday deals, specials and free offers sent right to your inbox.

What Are The Hours For Taco Tuesday?

The hours of Del Taco Tuesday (and Thursdays) are 3 p.m. — 11 p.m.

While Taco Tuesday goes down during these hours at most Del Taco's nationally, the Del Taco website says that hours mayvary so worth double checking before heading out here.

What Specials Are On Taco Tuesday?

On Tuesday, you can score three regular tacos for $1.29 and on Thursday you can score 3 grilled chicken tacos for only $2.29, both are a sweet buy for those little ones that love tacos! Thursdays grab three grilled chicken tacos for just $2.29, sweet buy for those who love tacos!

  • Del Taco Tuesday Specials: Three regular tacos for just $1.29.
  • Del Taco Thursdays Specials: Three grilled chicken tacos for just $2.29.

Are There More Taco Tuesday Deals?

Totally, it's not just Taco Tuesday Specials you'll want to check out when going to Taco Tuesday at Del Taco, there are also some pretty sweet Del Taco deals you won't want to miss.

Here's some of our favorite Taco Tuesday Deals that are the best value (and delicious)...

Del Taco Deals & Specials

Del Taco Buck & Under Deals

We'll be keeping tabs on all the best Taco Tuesday deals and specials so you don't have to. If you enjoyed your trip today to Del Taco, bookmark this page for easy deal grabbing next time!

What Is Del Taco's Raving Fan eClub?

Put simply, it's just signing up for Del Taco's emails where they send new Del Taco specials, freebies & deals right to your inbox. It's totally free plus you get free food for signing up.

Here's what you score for free when you sign up for the eClub:

  • Two free grilled chicken tacos
  • Free premium shake on your birthday
  • New Del Taco coupons & promo codes
  • New product offers (before they go on sale)

This is actually a sweet bargain just for signing up, many spots can't compete with these free offers you'll get when you sign up for Del Taco emails.

Make sure you check out the Del Taco Specials for new updates deals as they become available. And don't forget to also sign up for the Raving Fan eClub for those freebies!

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Your turn: Are you an avid Taco Tuesday Del Taco go-er? What are some of your favorite picks and specials to score during Del Taco Tuesdays with the family? We'd love to hear!


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