500 Water Balloon Quick Refill Accessory Just $2.24

500 Water Balloon Quick Refill Accessory Just $2.24

Check out this awesome deal going on at Everbuying that our readers just love! This awesome little tool refills water balloons in 5 seconds and the best part is, no more tying water balloons!

Here's how to get it...

  1. Create a new account over at Everbuying and score 100 EB points
  2. Add a Water Balloon Quick Refill accessory to your cart
  3. Use promo code WATERBALLOON1
  4. Apply 48 of your 100 EB points to this order
  5. That's it shipping is free and you'll get it for $2.24

Does anyone else remember epic balloon fights with all the kids in the neighborhood? If you remember, usually the winner of the balloon fight was A. the team who could fill faster or B. the team that ran out of balloons last.

This awesome tool makes blowing up balloons faster, tying them instant and the amount you can blow up limitless. Plus, kids don't get frustrated like they used to with not being able to blow up just 1. They love this tool and it improves motor skills too.


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