Baby Crawling Knee Pads + 6 Pack Non Slip Socks $3 @ eBay

Baby Crawling Knee Pads + 6 Pack Non Slip Socks $3 @ eBay

Is your crawling tumbling baby always getting boo boos and bruises on their precious knees? Then these are exactly what you need. Protect your baby from everyday disasters and only pay $3.09 for this awesome pack.

These crawling pads were a huge hit when my niece was younger. My sister has scars from falling so much when she was a baby and they never went away. She made sure she protected her little girl and bought these knee pads.

No matter how much my niece tumbled and crawled around she was protected from scratches, rug burns and boo boos. These are to awesome.

If you prefer not to get the socks and just want the knee pads in your choice of color Amazon sells them with free shipping for just $2.59 in you choice of colors you can find by Clicking Here.

These socks are to adorable and come with anti slip bottoms to get your baby cruising around all the furniture in style and comfort.

Both of these awesome finds ship for for free from right here in the United States no lengthy waits and you will have them in no time.


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