Berlin Plaid Blanket Scarves Under $13 @ Cents of Style

Berlin Plaid Blanket Scarves Under $13 @ Cents of Style

Fall is officially here and if you're looking for the perfect fall-to-winter staple or a great gift idea for someone, this could be it.

Right now Cents of Style is offering their super popular Berlin Plaid Blanket Scarf for just $12.95 Shipped! Just enter the promo code BLANKET16 at checkout.

I got one of these last year in the Khaki/Red/Green print and it was $25 (the regular price…Which btw it was totally worth)! Then, at the end of the year they went on sale for a brief time for $16 but this $12.95 price is the lowest it's ever been. Plus that includes shipping!

And this scarf is awesome. First of all, it's huge so it's really versatile. I've worn it as an oversized scarf paired with jeans and a tee, a shawl with leggings or a dress and, yes, even a blanket on my lap when the office/theater/plane was a little too chilly. (I mean hey, if you're going to call it a "Blanket" Scarf, it should own up to its name right?! Well, just for the record, it did). Plus it's reeeeally soft.

At this price they would make great "back up gifts" to keep ready to go in your car at Christmas time. (You know, when someone you weren't expecting buys you a gift and you don't want to be sitting there empty-handed with nothing for them in return).

And they come in 27 different color/print patterns too! I'm going to get a couple more for Christmas gifts this year for the office exchange and my kids' teachers…(and maybe another one for myself).

I'm not sure how long this promo will last (or how long the scarves will last either for that matter) so be sure to check them out because this is a really great buy!


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