Double Cereal Dispensers $22.11 (was $49.99) @ Amazon

Double Cereal Dispensers $22.11 (was $49.99) @ Amazon

Grabbing the kids breakfast is something we do every day, but never stop and think how we can make it easier. These Double Cereal Dispensers do exactly that.

  1. Click here for Double Cereal Dispensers $22 @ Amazon

Grab the kids cereal in just seconds with just a twist of the knob that dispenses cereal in the exact portion needed for breakfast, it's incredibly simple and easy to do grabbing these is a no brainer.

You can grab the Double Cereal Dispenser in white or Black, we spotted the white one down to just $24.49 and the Black is $22 which is a crazy bargain for something we'll be using every day in my house.

The best part is getting the kids to this themselves. Not only will they feel empowered by pouring their own breakfast, but they actually think using this thing is really fun (because it is) just a simple turn and watch as the cereal pours out like a toy store machine, it's great.

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