Momma Shark Needs A Drink Wine Glass Just $6.99 @ Amazon

Doo, doo, do...
Momma Shark Needs A Drink Wine Glass Just $6.99 @ Amazon

The worlds most catchy song is now available as a wine glass and all I can think of is just how much I need it. This Momma Shark Needs A Drink Wine Glass is priced at $6.99 or the lowest price on record!

Momma Shark Needs A Drink Wine Glass

Singing do, doo, doo just got even more catchy as this wine glass will have you drinking your favorite wine while styling around the saying Momma Shark Needs A Drink.

Each glass is a teardrop shape so you can bet all of the sweet aromas and flavors of various drinks will be in the full amount.

You can pour a massive 15 ounces of red or white wine in this glass. But why stop there? This would also be perfect for cocktails, juice, champagne, Cabernet, pinot noir, whiskey, port, beer, milk and more.

Want to add to the family? They also have a Papa Shark Glass that is just as cute for just a couple more dollars.

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  • Kristine H.

    I think you need this glass!

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    maybe when I’m a mom! Lol

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    of all the baby shark shit we’ve tagged each other in, I feel this is the most appropriate :ok_hand:

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    I love it!!

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    this wine glass is everything :joy::joy:

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