Outdoor Combination Key Safe Box $20 + Free Shipping @ Walmart

Outdoor Combination Key Safe Box $20 + Free Shipping @ Walmart

Always locking yourself out of the house or rushing home to make sure your kids have their keys and can get in?

Worry no longer when you have one of these awesome combination key safes outside and right now you can score one for just $19.99 saving you $5 and the locked out headache.

I have been known to climb through my windows of my house and even break in after forgetting my keys laying inside.

Plus rushing home not knowing if the kids remembered to bring their house keys to school is the worst. I knew something needed to change and that's when I spotted this awesome safe.

Now I don't have to worry any longer and another awesome idea is while Im away on vacation I can have someone come over and water my plants and feed the animals without having to give them their own key.

This little box keeps all my headaches away and right now includes free shipping straight to your door.


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