Pikmi Pops Surprise Pops In Stock & Just $7.53 @ Amazon

Pikmi Pops Surprise Pops In Stock & Just $7.53 @ Amazon

Have you heard of Pikmi Pops Surprise Pops in your house yet? If not, don't worry, you will! These seem to be the latest craze...Well according to my kid anyway! They're sold out everywhere but we found them at Amazon and priced at just $7.53 right now too! (They're regularly $30)

These surprise toys are really all my kids seem to want anymore. They're all about the mystery and the collectability of these things!

And honestly, how cute would these be for their Easter baskets this year instead of just regular lollipops?! They'd be a hit!

These are sold out at Walmart, Toys R Us and pretty much everywhere else. (Or they're charging way above regular price). So finding them at Amazon for this low was definitely a sweet treat.

What is a Pikmi Pop Surprise?

Pikmi Pops are a collection off sweet scented mini plush toys that come with loads of surprises. They're all packaged inside a lollipop-style case making them even more fun for the kids to pop open.

There are over 45 super cute scented Pikmi Plushies in all that your child can collect and each Pikmi Pop Surprise contains 3 bonus surprise items in addition to their Pikmi Plushie - including a charm, lanyard and a sticker sheet.

Be on the look out for the super rare fluffy or limited edition Pike's (they're not scented). And your child can collect, display or trade with their friends.

They're easily displayed too because the lollipop stick connects into the stand to create a display to put your Pikmi Pops Collection inside.

Like the Hatchimals and LOL Surprises, these are items that are going to continue to get more popular so better to get your hands on them now when you can at a decent price instead of when they're gone everywhere!


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