Reusable Drink In The Box Cups $11.99 @ Walmart

Reusable Drink In The Box Cups $11.99 @ Walmart

Tired of seeing your little one suck down all that sugar and preservatives and sometimes even mold thats in them awful throw away juice boxes?

Here is exactly what you need to give them a healthy drink and priced at only $11.99 it will pay for itself in no time.

This reusable drink boxes are awesome! I bought a couple the other day and realized I loved them so much Im coming back for more.

So far our favorite things I have put in them is fruit with water. Yes water! My kids are in love with drinking just plain water with fruit in there and I dont even have to beg.

Even sweeter you can put in what ever you choose right into this boxes and know exactly what your kids are drinking. Such as fresh poured orange juice or any of your favorites.

To top it all off they are even spill proof! No need to worry about these spilling or squirting out.

Plus even better these ship completely free straight to your door!


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