2 Safety Banana Slicers $3.99 @ GearXS

2 Safety Banana Slicers $3.99 @ GearXS

Check these out! Right now, head over here to grab these 2 Banana Slicers on sale for just $4 for both!

This deal is usually $20 but right now you'll be able to score these both for just $4 and shipping is FREE!

Sometimes we come across one of those inventions that makes us think, why didn't I think of that? These one motion banana slicers are just that. They make cutting a ton of bananas, a lot easier and safer.
They might also make you think, I see the use for it, but is it really needed? And while it might not be needed, it does make cutting bananas a lot safer.
These little slicers are so safe, they are kid friendly! They are made of plastic so you don't have to worry about wielding a knife before you've had your coffee. Plus kids have a lot of fun pressing down and helping mom slice bananas.
My motto is if it makes my morning any easier, I'll do it! And these little slicers surely speed up making my morning smoothies!


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