Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab Kit Only $10 @ Amazon

Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab Kit Only $10 @ Amazon

Do you have a little experimenter on your hands? This Death Star is sure to entertain them with over 20 different electronic experiments!

Plus its just as impressing to my wallet as right now its priced at just $9.99 saving me $35!

Construct real electronic circuits to activate authentic light and sound effects from Star Wars movies!

Some of the experiments include the super laser, initiating the tractor beam, triggering the Death Star battle alarm and even powering Darth Vader’s breathing machine!

This STEM toy comes with 70 electronic components so the ideas and constructions are endless even after you complete the 20 guided experiments.

You can even hang this on the wall and it will light up as a nightlight as well!

My son loves building with LEGO's and Im quite positive he is going to totally think this is amazing. In fact its so awesome Ill help build as well.

Amazon prime members score free shipping while non prime members just need to bump their order up to $25+ to snag free shipping.


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