Unicorn, Bears, Monster Claws & More Toddler Non Slip Knee High Socks $3 + Free Shipping @ eBay

Cute Non Slip Knee High Socks $3 Shipped

These have to be the cutest socks ever. They come in amazing character prints and they also help keep my toddler steady as they are non slip and perfect for protecting her knees as well.

Plus they are priced at $2.79 right now and Im coming back to grab up the rest of the characters that I didn't get last time.

When I first saw these I had to have the unicorn print for my daughter. They were to die for in the picture and the second she put them on I knew I needed more so I just came back and got every other design.

They have adorable choices including my favorite the unicorn, fox, deer, koala, bear and a monster paw. Plus they have non slip bottoms to keep her steady no matter how fast she runs around.

Even sweeter they are so soft they are like pure leisure just touching them and Im sure wearing them is just totally awesome. She loves them and I only wish they came in adult sizes as well so I could enjoy them too.

To add to the awesomeness shipping is completely free! However it is slow shipping from over seas but I dont mind waiting up to a couple weeks for something this cute and it just brings me one step closer to fall when she needs to wear them everyday.

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