WORX Electric Turbine Blower $19.99 @ eBay

WORX Electric Turbine Blower $19.99 @ eBay

Right now, eBay is offering this WORX Electric Turbine Blower (new in open box) for only $19.99, this blower is regularly $49.99 and is even listed on Amazon for $45 and $34 at Walmart!!

This blower makes quick work of cleaning the driveway, blowing leaves, or just getting sticks off the patio.

With fall right around the corner for 20 bucks you'll be getting something that'll save you a bunch of time and legwork when when the leaves start falling.

This blower is lightweight, takes up no space in the garage and comes out of the box ready to go. We used to have a gas blower, but between running to get gas every time we had to use it and how much easier it is to plug in an electric blower and get started I much prefer this blower to our gas one.

The best part about it is I can use it! I just plug it in clear off the patio and it makes such a difference. Plus it's just $20!!! There are rakes that costs more than this awesome blower!


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