Best Gingerbread Houses

Whether you're on the hunt for The Minions Gingerbread House or the new Grinch Gingerbread House. These are the best, coolest and most awesome gingerbread houses you're gonna find!

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1. Target Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread houses

When it comes to Bullseye the pup how could you not fall in love with the Target gingerbread house?

Each kit includes a complete house kit and a Bullseye the dog to decorate.

We know a few Target shoppers who need this for Christmas!

Sweet price here!

2. Minions Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

Who doesn't love Minions?!

Now, there's actually a Minions Gingerbread House you can buy!

And it's available online too, at an awesome price.

Check it out here!

3. Frozen Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

Know a Frozen fan that would love to build this?

Frozen Gingerbread Houses are now a thing and they're totally awesome!

These would be so fun to watch the movie and build this Christmas.

Check it out here!

4. Oreo Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

Know someone who loves all things OREO?

Who doesn't, but now you can actually build Oreo Gingerbread Houses!

These look like they'd be so fun to build!

5. LEGO Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

While this one isn't edible....

Did you know there's actually LEGO Gingerbread houses?

There's are so cool, how fun would these be to build?

Find them here at LEGO!

6. Disney Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

If you're after a Disney Gingerbread House this year, we're loving these ones

What's sweet is there's a few spots you can grab them too!

We found them here at Walmart and here at Targetat a sweet price!

These would be the perfect gift for the Disney lover in your life!

7. Elf On The Shelf Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses

The famous Elf on the Shelf now has it's very own Gingerbread House!

A super sweet addition to your timeless elf tradition that includes a gummy shaped elf right in the box.

Snag it here!

8. Grinch Gingerbread House

Awesome Gingerbread Houses

Know someone who loves The Grinch?

You can now buy Grinch gingerbread houses and they're awesome!

These would totally put someone in the holiday spirit.

Check it out here!

9. Hershey's Chocolate Cookie House

Gingerbread houses

Gingerbread not your thing?

Then this totally awesome Hershey's chocolate cookie house kit is for you!

The Hershey's chocolate along with the cookie foundation looks delicious.

Get yours here!

10. Paw Patrol Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses

Save the day with your favorite pups in their very own epic gingerbread house!

To help little hands build this rare gingerbread house...

It comes with a link and lock system to keep it together.

What a cool, fun and easy gingerbread house for the kids!

Check it out here!

11. Super Mario Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread houses

I can't be the only Super Mario fan that loves this!

Turn your gaming fantasy into a reality by building your very own Mario gingerbread castle!

This kit even includes scene setters to make it a true masterpiece.

Snag one here!

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