Cheapest Keurig K Cups Every Week

Here's where to find the best prices on k cups each week...
Cheapest Keurig K Cups Every Week

Splurging on K Cups constantly hits the wallet hard, especially when your coffee consumption resembles the rate at which we gulp down water. Business Insider reveals a staggering fact: the average person parts with approximately $800 annually on K Cups alone.

If you need to make smart purchases, such as buying K Cups in bulk or hunting for the most affordable deals, reaching that figure is all too easy.
Imagine spending a significant amount just for your morning, afternoon, and evening coffee fixes. And oh, the horror of those mornings when you find out your partner consumed the last K Cup! Facing the day, or worse, the kids without caffeine? Now that's a challenge until the next store run.
Today is all about changing that. Dive in as we unveil how to secure the cheapest K Cups, discover the top K Cup deals, and pinpoint the stores offering the most competitive K Cup prices. These insights ensure substantial savings on your coffee expenses and the comfort of always having your beloved K Cups on hand.
What's the cherry on top? Implement these strategies every time you shop online and watch the savings stack up!
Before diving deeper, here's a sneak peek: the finest K Cup prices currently available on Amazon. Representing some of the hottest online deals, we refresh this list weekly to keep you in the loop.

Buying K Cups In Bulk

Acquiring K Cups in bulk is the most effective way to trim your coffee expenditure. When you break down the unit price, you'll quickly realize that bulk buying can significantly reduce the cost per cup, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent.

Moreover, buying in volume guarantees you'll rarely run out, ensuring that caffeine-induced peace remains undisturbed in your household.

Costco and Sam's Club

Your Bulk Saving Havens Both Costco and Sam's Club stand out regarding unbeatable K Cup prices. At Sam's Club, you can pick up a 100 ct box of the Original Donut Shop K-cups for just $47.00, translating to $0.47 per K Cup.

Similarly, the Maxwell House Breakfast Blend K-cups are priced at a mere $34.98, which means only $0.35 per cup.


A Treasure Trove for Bulk Deals Amazon remains an unparalleled shopping destination for many, not just for the sheer variety of brands it houses but also for its tempting shipping deals. Purchases over $25 often come with free shipping, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, this perk becomes even more frequent.

Bulk buying on Amazon often means getting Keurig branded k cups for under $0.45 per cup. Many other brands can be acquired for around $0.30 per cup, which is strikingly similar to the cost of traditionally brewed coffee.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most cost-effective Keurig k cup deals available on Amazon:

Cheapest Keurig K Cups on Amazon

Some of the low cost Keurig k cup are:

Keurig branded k cups: Below $0.45 each

This expansive list ensures that whether you're seeking variety or simply the most pocket-friendly deal, buying K Cups in bulk on platforms like Amazon presents a surefire way to save.

What's A Good Deal On K Cups?

Before diving into the intricacies of securing the finest K Cup deals, it's crucial to establish our yardstick for what constitutes an excellent deal. A practical measure here is the cost per pod.
Typically, the lower the price per pod, the more enticing the deal.
However, it's essential to strike a balance between price and quality. While you might find lesser-known brands offering pods at a meager price, renowned brands such as Folgers and Starbucks, known for their premium quality, will naturally command a higher price per pod.
These popular brands, owing to their reputation and the quality of the coffee they deliver, will have a higher cost associated with them.
Our focus often veers towards introducing the most affordable K Cup deals. But rather than getting hung up on the price per box, it's more insightful to emphasize the price per K Cup. A general rule of thumb?
You're on the right track if you're securing a deal where the cost averages below 60 cents per K Cup.

So, as we delve deeper, remember to recalibrate your perspective. Concentrate on the cost per K Cup, not just the box, to ensure you're always bagging the best deals.

Why You Should Buy K Cups Online

The premier K Cup deals are predominantly found in the vast expanse of the online marketplace. While physical stores occasionally offer enticing K Cup discounts, the sheer volume of discounts and special online promotions often leave in-store deals in the dust.
The real kicker?
The cumulative savings on K Cups over time can be substantial when shopping online. Gone are the days of dishing out excessive amounts at local stores like CVS, where prices can be exorbitant, especially when caught off guard without stock at home.
The most efficient approach is to purchase K Cups online, in bulk, and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered straight to your doorstep. It's genuinely remarkable how much one can economize annually by opting for the most affordable online K Cup deals over traditional in-store purchases.

Save More With Subscribe and Save

Opting for a subscription can shave off an additional $1.50 – $2.00 from each box. But what exactly is Amazon's Subscribe and Save?
Amazon Subscribe and Save is a stellar subscription program designed specifically to deliver exceptional discounts on K Cups. With this program, you can snag up to 15% discounts on your K Cup orders. The advantage continues beyond there for the eager Amazon Prime members among us. Your discounted K Cups can land at your doorstep the very next day!
This feature is an absolute game-changer for those with an aversion to prolonged waiting (count me among them!). And here's an insider tip that many might need to be aware of once your order is dispatched, you're free to cancel your subscription!
Yes, that means you can instantly benefit from a 5% discount on your purchase (and potentially up to 15%, especially if you're going big with a bulk order) and then opt out of the subscription post-shipment.
Given these perks, it's clear why a surge of coffee fans is hopping on the bulk K Cup bandwagon. With the potential to save up to 15% on a bulk K Cup purchase, the savings are not just substantial; they're irresistible!

4 Reasons Amazon Is Great for K Cups

Navigating the world of online shopping for K Cups, Amazon consistently emerges as the preferred choice for many. Here's a glimpse into why this e-commerce titan holds its reign:
4 Reasons Why Amazon Tops the Charts for K Cup Purchases
  1. Unbeatable Prices - While retail giants like Staples, Target, and Walmart offer tempting K Cup deals, Amazon consistently outshines them with its year-round best prices. This can be attributed to the vast number of sellers on the platform, each vying to offer the most competitive prices for K Cups.
  2. Swift Delivery - For Amazon Prime enthusiasts (myself included), the platform's promise of free two-day delivery is hard to resist. It's incredibly convenient: the moment I notice my coffee stash dwindling, I swiftly place another order, assured of its speedy arrival.
  3. Irresistible Subscribe and Save Offers - Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" feature is a treasure, allowing users to trim an extra 5% off their K Cup expenses. And, for those going big with bulk orders, the discount scales up to an impressive 15% off, creating a savings margin that other retailers find tough to match.
  4. Stress-Free 365-Day Returns - Online shopping occasionally hits a bump with the occasional wrong order. Amazon's lenient return policy is a lifesaver in such situations, granting customers a year to send back any K Cup orders that didn't meet their expectations without any fuss or added fees.

Tips For Savings on K Cups

A strategic approach can yield substantial savings when optimizing your budget for K Cups. Let's dive into some tried-and-true tactics to ensure you get the best bang for your buck:

  • Opt for Bulk Purchases: Committing to bulk buys, especially for your go-to coffee brand, usually fetches the most economical prices.
  • Start Small for New Flavors: Before investing in a large pack, test out new flavors with smaller quantities or sampler packs. This way, you ensure you're not splurging on something that doesn't match your palate.
  • Keep an Eye on Expiry Dates: In grocery stores, K Cups nearing expiration often sport a discounted price. Just ensure you'll consume them before the given date.
  • Harness the Power of Coupons: With potential savings ranging from $0.50 to $1.50 per box, regularly scouting coupon sites or retailer websites for deals can be rewarding.
  • Evaluate Clearance Against Regular Prices: An eye-catching deal on a clearance tag can be tempting. However, always compare it to the regular price to determine if it offers significant savings.

Reusable K Cups Are The Cheapest

Transitioning to reusable filters not only benefits your pocketbook but also positively impacts the environment. By choosing reusable K Cup filters combined with ground coffee, the cost per cup drops to approximately $0.20.
This represents a staggering 50% – 65% savings compared to standard K Cup prices. Yet, it's worth noting that reusables may not offer the same level of convenience as their disposable counterparts.

The Final Takeaway

Small savings, when accumulated, can lead to a considerable amount. Citing the National Coffee Association, the average American consumes three coffee cups daily. By spending only 35 cents on a K Cup instead of 70 cents, you can pocket around $30 monthly, which equates to $360 annually, without altering your regular coffee habits.

Now, multiply that with two coffee lovers in a home, and the savings are significant, especially given the minimal effort required.

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