Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

We love the new Stanley x Starbucks cups!
Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know
In an extraordinary blend of coffee culture and sporting passion, Starbucks has unveiled a captivating collaboration that has ignited the dreams of coffee enthusiasts across the United States. It's none other than the exquisite Starbucks-branded Stanley Quencher tumbler, adorned in a luscious peach hue, which has now found its home in Target café locations.
This limited edition release, previously tested in Starbucks stores in Thailand, has set the online community abuzz with fervent anticipation. Coffee lovers and collectors alike are vying to get their hands on this exclusive stainless steel, insulated tumbler available exclusively at Target superstores.
This comprehensive guide delves into everything there is to know about this Starbucks and Stanley partnership and the coveted #StanleyQuencher tumbler.

The Arrival of Starbucks' Peach Perfection

Starbucks fans rejoiced as the highly anticipated Starbucks-branded Stanley Quencher tumbler finally graced the shelves of Target stores on May 9th. This arrival marked a significant moment in coffee collectibles, as the tumbler's design closely resembles the beloved straw-lid cups that have consistently flown off the shelves over the past year. Coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs were buzzing with excitement over this new addition.

The #StanleyQuencher hashtag on TikTok exploded, amassing a staggering 60 million views and capturing the collective imagination of users. The tumbler's standout feature, its car-friendly design that snugly fits into cup holders, drew particular admiration.
Adding to its allure, the Stanley Quencher received accolades from experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute Lab, who were impressed by its remarkable ability to keep beverages refreshingly ice-cold for over 12 hours. This unique feature, dishwasher-safe convenience, and traveler-friendly design have made it a must-have for those on the move.

The Frenzy and Frustration

The arrival of the Starbucks x Stanley tumbler at Target has led to a social media frenzy. Numerous Instagram and TikTok users have shared their disappointment at finding their local Target stores sold out of this ultra-rare cup.
However, a fortunate few have showcased their prized acquisitions, receiving widespread acclaim. There may be a glimmer of hope for those eager to acquire what promises to be one of the most coveted Starbucks collectibles in history.
Insider hints suggest that a restock could be on the horizon. Let's delve deeper into the prospects of replenishing the Starbucks x Stanley tumbler stock at Target.

A Closer Look at the Starbucks x Stanley Exclusive Target Tumbler

The Starbucks x Stanley 40oz H2.0 Quencher tumbler is a masterpiece in design and functionality. Featuring a straw-embedded lid, it exudes elegance with its muted peach-pink color scheme.

The glossy branded stamp proudly displays both the Starbucks and Stanley logos. Many social media users claim these rare tumblers disappeared from Target shelves within minutes of their debut on May 9th. Some even assert that each location received a mere two tumblers.
The retail price for these prized items is $44.95, comparable to the standard Stanley tumblers available online.

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

The Resale Rush

The Starbucks x Stanley partnership has ignited a resale frenzy on platforms like eBay and Mercari. These once-accessible tumblers have swiftly evolved into highly sought-after collector's items, with their resale prices soaring remarkably. In the resale market, these tumblers have transcended their initial manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) and are now fetching premium rates.
Astoundingly, listings for these exclusive Starbucks tumblers are commanding prices that range from three to four times their original MSRP. Enthusiastic buyers are willing to part with substantial sums, often shelling out anywhere between $200 and $250 for the opportunity to own one of these exceedingly rare Starbucks collectibles.
This resale rush underscores the extraordinary demand and fervor surrounding Starbucks x Stanley collaboration merchandise. The allure of owning a piece from this unique collection has driven prices to astronomical levels, turning these tumblers into not just vessels for beverages but also prized possessions for collectors and enthusiasts alike. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of limited-edition collaborations and the passion of those who will go to great lengths to secure a piece of Starbucks's history.

In-Stock Stanley Tumblers Right Now

While the Stanley Quencher H2.0 (40oz) in Pink Dusk is undoubtedly the star of the show, other Stanley Quencher tumblers are available for those who want to embrace the Stanley experience. These include:

Stanley Quencher H2.0 (40oz) in Cream

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState (40oz) in Pink Dusk

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Stanley Quencher H2.0 (40oz) in Primrose Glow

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState (40oz) in Orchid

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState (40oz) in Tigerlily

Starbucks' Stanley Cup at Target Everything To Know

These tumblers offer a variety of sizes and colors to suit different preferences, ensuring that there's a Stanley Quencher for everyone.

When Will They Restock?

According to an unverified TikTok rumor circulating among Starbucks enthusiasts, Starbucks cafés within Target stores may soon restock their popular tumblers. While Starbucks has not officially confirmed this news, it's reported that some locations could receive a fresh batch of these iconic tumblers as early as Friday, May 26.

Historically, Starbucks often introduces seasonal merchandise on Tuesdays, leading some TikTok users to speculate that the cups may become available shortly after the Memorial Day holiday, around May 30.

Starbucks has a history of restocking exclusive merchandise, like the Stanley Quencher tumblers, initially launched at Target in March.

Despite initial sellouts, Target has consistently replenished its complete cup inventory, giving Starbucks fans hope to acquire these items later this summer.

While official confirmation from Starbucks is still pending, the possibility of more Stanley tumblers and exclusive merchandise hitting stores is plausible based on past sales trends.

As more information becomes available, we will update you on any developments regarding restocking these sought-after Starbucks items. So, if you're hoping to snag one of these collectible pieces, mark your calendar and watch for updates.

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