Cadbury Screme Eggs Just $0.48 Each @ eBay

Perfect for handing out!
Cadbury Screme Eggs Just $0.48 Each @ eBay

The perfect treat to hand out to trick or treaters or to your party guests this year has to be these Cadbury Screme Eggs. Each one of these delicious little treasures is priced at $0.48 each when you buy a pack of 48 for a total of $21.99 delivered.

Cadbury Screme Eggs

Cadbury Screme Eggs are they Halloween version of the much loved Cadbury egg franchise. For Halloween, each egg is made of delicious milk chocolate and on the inside, you will find creamy fondant that is purely delightful.

Not only does each one scream must-have all over it but in the middle, you will have green ooze to add to the Halloween cheer.

Each one comes individually wrapped making them perfect for giving out this Halloween but who am I kidding I know I will have to devour quite a few of these before and if they make it to the gift-giving.

Shipping is free.

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  • Sarah P.

    I saw.

  • Ghadeer H.


  • Tracey S.


  • Amber P.


  • Joe P.

    Ahhh man :grin:

  • Amy M.

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Once a year is bad enough :joy::joy:. I’m gonna have to go find some.

  • Amy N.

    I am tempted but it almost doesn’t feel right...

  • Amy M.

    totally get what you mean. But if I happen to walk by the I’m for sure gonna have to grab a few.

  • Wanda G.

    Best candy ever!!!

  • Shelley W.


  • Corie D.

    I forgot about these!

  • Scott E.

    I’ll have them delivered by the end of the week!

  • Pattie S.

    Can't wait!