Where To Buy Step2 My First Christmas Tree 2018

Where To Buy Step2 My First Christmas Tree 2018

The Step2 My First Christmas Tree is totally adorable and a must for all younger kids who constantly want to play with your Christmas tree.

We're expecting this Step2 My First Christmas Tree to be one of this years top Christmas items. They are rare to find in-stock and will only get worse the closer we get to the holidays.

We will be keeping track of the Step2 My First Christmas Tree in stock levels and best prices. To make shopping easier bookmark this page where you can easily find where to buy, the best sales and any stock changes you should know about.

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What Is The Step2 My First Christmas Tree?

This epic tree was introduced last year for Christmas and was so popular that it sold out quickly and people were left with just hopes and dreams of owning one.

But this year's version is much cooler and Amazon is including bonus ornaments that includes surprises hidden in each one for that much more laughing fun making it our favorite edition.

You will also find 8 original ornaments and a miniature train set that can be pushed around the tree skirt for endless interactive play. Plus the skirt even doubles as a storage area.

So what makes this tree so much fun? Kids can play with it of course. From hanging the ornaments and placing the star to playing with the train this tree is absolutely cool and gives the kids something to decorate just like us.

This is the perfect way to let little ones participate in your family’s holiday traditions safely and joyously without the fear of glass bulbs breaking or even the electricity that everyday trees have.

These are one of the top toys this year for younger kids. If you see it in stock at the retail price we say go for it as this will more then likely be super rare the closer we get to the holidays. They are already landing on reseller sites for more than the original prices and only expected to get pricier the closer we get to December.

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