There's Now Sugar Cookie Popcorn You Can Buy at Walmart

So... who plans on trying this?
There's Now Sugar Cookie Popcorn You Can Buy at Walmart

Getting ready to cozy up and watch some Christmas movies? You might want to make a pit stop over at Walmart because they're rolling out in stores a combination of two of our favorite snacks...

Sugar cookies and popcorn!

That's right Sugar Cookie Popcorn is available for purchase in-store this season at Walmart.

While there is a page for it online at Walmart, it seems to be an in-store only purchase this year so you'll have to grab a box the next time you're out shopping.

While there is Sugar Cookie Popcorn available for purchase on Amazon made by companies like BOOMCHICKAPOP and you can even buy Cracker Jack Sugar Cookie Popcorn at Walmart. These are pre-made, and it's just not the same as having a warm, steaming bag of holiday goodness like the Walmart kind.

Sugar cookie popcorn will be available for purchase for a limited time, so if you're planning on grabbing do so soon. A box of sugar cookie popcorn runs under $2 (a sweet deal as always) plus it's the perfect snack to grub on during a Christmas movie season... Stock up while you can, these will be gone soon!

You Can Now Buy Sugar Cookie Popcorn at Walmart
Image via junkbanter on Instagram

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