1 Year Supply of Men's Razors $24 Shipped @ Dorco

1 Year Supply of Men's Razors $24 Shipped @ Dorco

DART over to dorcousa.com right now to get a YEARS worth of razors for just $24 SHIPPED!

This set is regularly $47.70 and you'd pay much more for comparable razors so this really is a steal!

Good quality razors can be expensive but go for the cheaper options and you'll need to replace them frequently. Dorco's superior quality disposable razors have been featured on programs on ABC, CBS, Business Insider, GIZMODO, Entertainment Today, and more!

This deal is for the 'Pace Frugal Dude Pack' which includes:

1- Pace 6 Plus Handle
6- Pace 6 Plus Replacement Cartridges
4- Pace 4 Replacement Cartridges
1- Pace 3 Handle
6- Pace 3 Replacement Cartridges
3- Pace 6 Plus Disposable Razors
3- Pace 3 Disposable Razors

The blades are interchangeable to any handle so you can use the Pace 3 Cartridges on the Pace 6 Handle and vice versa. The set is geared toward men but obviously we ladies can use them too.

I grabbed a set to share (he can use one handle, I'll use the other and we can each replace our blades as needed) but I think I'm gonna grab another set or two! *I'm a firm believer in stocking up on the essentials (trash bags, toilet paper, razors, etc) when they're at their deepest discount because they won't go to waste!*

Add the Pace Frugal Dude Pack to your shopping cart and use code BDEALSFDP16 to change the price from $47.70 to just $23.85!! Even better, shipping is FREE

I don't think I've ever been so excited to shave in my life!


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