100 Rapid Filling Bunch-O-Balloons Just $6 Delivered!

100 tied water bombs in just 60 seconds!
100 Rapid Filling Bunch-O-Balloons Just $6 Delivered!

Water balloons are the classic outdoor fun that all ages love. But filling up the balloons and tieing them can be frustrating and not to mention time-consuming. Until I got my hands on these Rapid-Filling Water Bombs that is, this 100 pack fills up in 60 seconds flat.

Rapid Filling Bunch-O-Balloons

Each pack of Rapid Filling Bunch-O-Balloons is like a water bomb war ready to happen. Simply hook up the water hose and all 100 of these Rapid-Filling Water Bombs fill up in 60 seconds, tie themselves, and drop off!

Water fights have never been so risky or fun.

The best part these come in 3 different bunches so you can choose to use all 3 for a total of 100 balloons or save them for 3 separate days and wars.

Shipping is free.

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