111 Magic Filling Water Balloons Only $5.76 + Free Shipping @ Walmart

Magic Water Balloons Only $6 @ Walmart

Get ready for all them water balloon wars without having to struggle by filling and knotting balloons forever.

Right now this big 111 magic filling water balloons pack is only $5.76 and includes free shipping!

This comes in 3 different sets so you can fill up 37 different balloons at a time in seconds flat.

Simply put hook them up to a water hose and turn on the water and they do the rest. They will fill up in just a couple seconds, knot themselves and come off and ready to throw in no time.

This makes having water wars so much more fun as instead of standing at the sink for what feels like hours filling up balloons you can be playing the whole time.

To top off this amazing deal they also ship totally free straight to your door!

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