12" Balance Bike Just $25 (Was $70) @ Amazon

12" Balance Bike Just $25 (Was $70) @ Amazon

For all you parents of toddlers, they finally make a bike to transition the kids without the need for training wheels.

These super popular bikes are rarely on a steep sale until now! This bike drops to $25.20 with code VCFHJAVO

This is made like a regular bike with one big difference. No pedals, in place of pedals there is footboards.

Training wheels on bikes help kids learn to ride but doesn't help with any balancing and when you take them off its a nightmare.

This bike is the exact opposite of that. Kids use their feet to gain speed and then raise them up on the footboards to coast.

It still steers just like a normal bike and once their balance is down pat its smooth sailing right into a bike with pedals. The best part is without training wheels!

While making this bike they even put your kid's safety in thought and each one comes equipped with a brake system. This thing is just insanely cool.

This code will work with any color bike however you will want to be quick as this could expire at any minute.

Shipping is free.


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