12 Plant Strawberry Grow Bag Only $10 @ Deal Genius

12 Plant Strawberry Grow Bag Only $10 @ Deal Genius

Gardening season is finally here and if you love gardening but dont have the space or just don't want the headache of a huge garden this bag is for you!

It holds 12 plants and will have you producing Strawberries (or anything else) like a pro. Plus its only $9.99 with free shipping.

This same bag is going for $22.11 at Walmart and you can price check it yourself by Clicking Here.

Whether you have a green thumb or not this bag will help your produce the most delicious strawberries and the best part they are grown by you.

Strawberries are super high in the store and have been sprayed with nasty pesticides. Growing them at home can cut out the chemicals while saving you a ton.

This 9 gallon planter has 8 pockets in it perfect for growing up to 12 plants.

Plus its perfect to sit on the deck and stare at. Everyone loves watching stuff grow its just absolutely amazing.

When you pair savings like this along with free shipping you can bet these are going to sell fast.


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