13 Gallon Touch Free Stainless Steel Trash Cans $30 @ Rakuten

Touch Free Trash Can $30 @ Rakuten

This super hot trash can that sold out last time we mentioned it months ago is finally back!

You can score one of these touch free trash cans for only $29.99 when you apply promo code FDW10 at checkout!

These are regularly $50 so grabbing them for only $29.99 is like $20 off and a amazing price that always sales out fast.

This trash can is perfect for in the kitchen and trying to throw away bloody meat packs. You no longer have to touch the trash can to get it in.

Plus the kids think its absolutely amazing and I no longer have to tell them hundreds of times daily to throw stuff away.

To top off this amazing sale it also ships totally free straight to your door! This has been the best purchase I have ever made and tons of our readers absolutely love them as well.

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