150 Instant Fill Magic Water Balloons $5 @ eBay

150 Instant Fill Magic Water Balloons $5 @ eBay

We absolutely love playing with water balloons. Its something the whole family gets involved in and we even build forts.

We would never have time to fill up hundreds of water balloons on a regular basis until I found this magic balloons now we can have hundreds in seconds and only for $4.99!

What is more fun then taking the kids outside for a water balloon fight and having them against mom and dad for the ultimate balloon war?

These water balloons come with 150 of them to get the party rolling. Fill them all up at once or save some for later the choice is yours and you will never want to go back to the old school balloons again.

These are also perfect for birthday parties and with the instant filling action you can have balloons in no time so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Even more amazing these ship completely free and from right here in the United States. You will be enjoying your balloons in no time flat.


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