16-Piece Story Time Finger Puppets $1.90

16-Piece Story Time Finger Puppets $1.90

Have a little one that loves bed time stories? Head over to Amazon where you can score these finger puppets and add them to the rotation for just $1.90 shipped!

These awesome puppets come with 10 animal puppets and 6 family puppets, and they are seriously too cute! The are super tiny, but they fit my fingers perfectly.

The kids can also use them and since there are so many to choose from there won't be any fights! You can also get the kids to put on a puppet show for mom and dad with them, fit just fine and they get super into it! I love that it entices the little ones to use their imagination.

These are also GREAT for long trips (especially plane rides) a cool little activity to keep the little ones occupied during takeout.


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